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Tamar Guzman

We’ve been using our Nu Image retractable awning for about 3 weeks. It’s the Pro Series 8700. We went with the 11-foot 8-inch projection for the 16-foot wide canopy. It covers the deck and shades several windows, making the house feel cooler. Installation was not easy, and as other reviewers found, the instructions aren’t of much use. We’ve used the Flex-pitch adjustment several times. It makes it easier to change for the angle for protection from the morning sun. Hopefully, we don’t wear it out. The powder-coated aluminum is lightweight but has begun to pit on the arms and front bar. If it’s windy, we tend to leave the awning extended and hopefully, the awning can withstand an occasional wind gust or sustained wind. The hand crank to open and close is a good work out, but it might keep me in shape 😉

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