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Steel Pergola with Retractable Canopy

Мetal patio pergolas are a sophisticated way of defining outdoor areas and turning them into functional spaces. Metal pergolas are becoming more and more popular due to their superior strength and fewer maintenance requirements compared to wood.

High-quality retractable roofs reject heat, harmful UV rays, light and heavy rain and even hail. You can use your lounge furniture and dining tables or entertain your guests and customers thanks to retractable roof pergolas. 

This page will focus on steel pergolas with retractable canopy shades. 

Steel Pergola with Retractable Canopy

Definition and characteristics

Pergola metal frames consist of beams/guides and posts supporting a retractable fabric canopy. Outdoor metal pergolas are perfect for UV rays, sun, glare, light or heavy rain and hail protection. You can choose a freestanding installation or attach it to a house or building to cover an additional space or area. 

Pergolas create lovely outdoor lounge areas, dining or BBQ zones, entertainment or gameplay spaces. They protect your family, friends, customers and even your outdoor furniture and rugs from fading and water damage.

Metal framed pergolas are the modern version of traditional rustic wooden structures. Although they always need less maintenance than wood, they may require a more significant investment. 

Steel framed retractable fabric pergolas offer a sturdy, strong structure ready to withstand wind, rain or hail. The retractable cover mechanism offers complete control up to any point when  retracting and extending, allowing you to enjoy full shading or heavy rain protection customization. Rotating and retractable metal louvered roof systems will protect against sun, heavy rain, hail and snow.

If you are interested in a small metal pergola, you may be able to  choose a manual retracting mechanism without a second thought. You can use a detachable hand crank to adjust the fabric. Motorized versions offer effortless, faster operation and are preferable when retracting large  fabric patio covers.

Metal, covered pergola fabrics and frames offer you the chance to have a fully tailored shading solution for your property. You can choose from hundreds of colors, stripes, textures and patterns. They are the perfect outdoor addition that adds individuality to your residence and makes a statement for your business brand.

Steel Pergola with Retractable Canopy

Production materials

Manufacturers mainly use aluminum or steel to assemble metal pergola frames. Regular steel, however, is a cheaper raw material than aluminum and is sometimes preferred by manufacturers and customers. 

It is important to remember that more affordable options don’t always pay off in the long run. Outdoor steel pergolas tend to rust because they don’t have non-corroding features like aluminum. Manufacturers can galvanize (treat with a zinc coating) the steel beams and posts to delay this process. 

Steel is stronger than aluminum and can hold up weighty loads, making steel suitable for locations with very high wind or hurricanes and harsh winter conditions (like lots of heavy snow). Since steel is heavier than aluminum, installing and drilling holes is more time-consuming and will require a lot of drill bits. 

On the other hand, in summer, steel frame pergolas tend to get much hotter than aluminum ones. Due to corrosion acceleration, I do not recommend steel or even galvanized steel  near the sea or the ocean.  

Aluminum(Galvanized) Steel
More expensiveLess expensive 
Non-rusting, non-corrodingRusting and corroding
Maintenance-freeRequires maintenance
Holds lots of weight, but less than steelHolds more weight
More color optionsFewer color options

*Aluminum vs. Steel comparison table

The metal pergola’s retractable canopy typically consists of vinyl, polyester or PVC and solution-dyed acrylic fabrics. I recommend choosing water-resistant solution-dyed materials for light rain and better yet  waterproof fabrics like Ferrari Textiles and Mehler for heavy rain protection. Brands like Para Tempotest, Dickson and Sunbrella offer breathable fabrics with UV-resistant qualities that provide perfect shade but are not waterproof and instead are only water-resistant – an important distinction. 

Steel Pergola with Retractable Canopy

Benefits and advantages

Steel frame pergolas are an affordable outdoor shading solution that adds style and aesthetic to your property. They offer a modern look that you can further customize with a colorful fabric cover to blend with the design of your home or business. 

Metal pergola frames are strong structures able to withstand even the heaviest loads. Custom  sizes are available, making it possible to adapt to unusual shapes or dimensions of your outdoor space. Although regular steel rusts easily, it can be galvanized to make it last longer.

You can additionally equip metal outdoor pergolas with sliding or folding glass doors, retractable drop screens, curtains, LED lights and heaters to create a cozy environment. The fully retractable canopy awning will save your beautiful outdoor furniture and rugs from fading and molding. People will be happy to enjoy a shaded, hail and  rain-free entertainment or leisure area. 

Who are they appropriate for?

Steel pergolas are suitable for people who deal with harsh winter conditions and prefer a cheaper solution. Residential and commercial owners can use them if they don’t mind regular maintenance.

You can install metal pergola covers in:

  • backyard patio areas and decks 
  • restaurants and bars 
  • outdoor dining and living areas 
  • lounge zones and more

However, it is not recommended to use pergola steel frames near the seaside or pools since they corrode faster. 

Steel Pergola with Retractable Canopy

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