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Free Standing Retractable Side Awning

Retractable lateral arm or drop arm awnings are a great addition to residential and business buildings. Still, they might not be the ideal solution for everyone. Many people need to cover small, medium or large areas that might not be adjacent to a building. Therefore, a wall-mounted awning would not be beneficial. 

Freestanding retractable awnings and freestanding retractable pergolas (also called standalone retractable awnings and standalone retractable pergolas) might be the perfect choice for such cases. Some are heavy-duty and strong framed that will add style to your design and add functionality to your outdoor space transforming it into your own personal vacation spot.  

Freestanding Retractable Awnings and Retractable Pergolas

Definition and characteristics

Most people are used to hearing about wall-mounted retractable awnings. While they are an excellent shading solution that acts as an extension of a building to protect an outdoor space from the sun, light rain and heat, it might not work for everyone. The reasons for this vary – low roof height, no availability of mounting space and more. 

As the term freestanding suggests, freestanding retractable patio awnings do not require wall mounting to a home or building to provide outdoor comfort. According to one’s preference, there are different options, such as permanently anchored structures or portable retractable awnings.

Depending on available space, width and projection requirements, some customers might want to consider a freestanding awning or freestanding pergola for decks, backyards, patios or outdoor customer areas. They are usually large structures and can be linked together side to side and front to back to form even larger ones, allowing protection from sun, UV rays, glare, heat, rain, hail and snow for big areas.

A distinctive characteristic of the standalone awnings is their easy installation and protection from not only UV rays, glare and hot sun but also heavy rain, hail and snow. Production materials used to manufacture are of supreme importance to the quality of freestanding deck awnings.

Freestanding Retractable Awnings and Retractable Pergolas

Production materials

As with any other retractable product, choosing suitable raw materials for freestanding retractable sun shades is essential. Awning standing structures consist of a few elements that vary depending on the model: frame, posts, anchors, retracting arms, panels, chains, motor, drive belts and a fabric or PVC type canopy/cover. 

There are different types of installation options:

  • A central pole with two or more vertical posts on the sides
  • A connecting cross beam
  • Extending arms or fabric cover panels
  • Freestanding offset base (like ballast boxes), deck mount plates or ground insert base
  • Cord pulley system, manually operated version with a detachable hand crank tool or a motorized version with a wall switch, remote control or a mobile app

Frame and components

If you are interested in purchasing freestanding sun awnings, I recommend choosing commercial-grade, sturdy, lightweight frame materials like aluminum. One of the best available options is 6063 extruded aluminum profiles with thermosetting powder coating, with the frame tested and approved by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) and the CE, an important European certification. 

Retracting mechanisms and components benefit from the use of marine-grade stainless steel. These raw materials offer outstanding non-rusting, corrosion-proof qualities and guarantee a long life of operational services. 

Awning fabric covers

Fabric cover materials vary between vendors and the freestanding retractable canopy’s purpose. It’s always good to invest in European products from manufacturers known for their quality fabrics. 

For example, breathable and lightweight solution-dyed fabrics are perfect for sun, UV-ray, glare and light rain protection. Famous manufacturers of such quality fabrics are Para, Dickson,   Recasens and Sunbrella. 

Suppose you need sun and light rain protection and wish the freestanding awning to withstand heavy rain showers. In that case, you can choose waterproof fabrics like the Serge Ferrari 502 Satin Proof.

No matter the case, it is always best to invest in high-quality certified products with extended warranty periods. This way, you can be sure you will enjoy your freestanding awning for as long as possible without worrying about replacing parts. 

Freestanding Retractable Awnings and Retractable Pergolas

Benefits and advantages 

The main benefit of freestanding awnings for patios is the easy installation with various options available. You don’t need to worry about finding the right place on your residential home or business building or if it will be strong enough to support the awning. In addition, you can always move it to a different location or another part of the backyard if necessary. 

The second benefit is the ability to customize your shade preferences. You can retract or extend the freestanding awning canopy to any point at any time. Adjusting is quick and easy if you want to get tanned, hide from the harsh sun, enjoy a clear sky or protect the awning when a big storm is approaching.

Freestanding awnings and canopies come in different heights, widths and projections. They can cover small and large areas and be linked together back to back or side to side to cover any size area. Some of these awnings have an adjustable inclination angle, adapting to the sun’s location or allowing rainwater to run off. 

Customization options are another considerable advantage. There are hundreds of fabric color and pattern options, and aluminum frames come in different RAL colors. Last but not least, customers can choose between operating systems and additional accessories to further upgrade their retractable freestanding awnings.

Freestanding Retractable Awnings and Retractable Pergolas

Who are they appropriate for?

Freestanding awnings are an excellent business and residential solution. 

They can match perfectly the needs of people who:

  • Cannot attach a retractable awning or retractable pergola to their building because of low roof height, lack of mounting space, not strong enough walls and other limitations.
  • Want to shade a particular spot like a patio that is not adjacent to a building
  • Want to protect their outdoor furniture from harmful UV rays or heavy rain
  • Like to have more flexibility and might want to change the location of the awning
  • Want to cover outdoor poolside or hot tub areas
  • Own restaurants, outdoor bars, cafes or spacious patios and decks

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Buying a high-quality, well-engineered retractable canopy can be quite an investment. Knowing product purchases’ do’s and don’ts and recognizing quality products help you invest your money wisely. 


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