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Retractable Awning Over Garage Door


Are you a homeowner with a garage who lacks outdoor space or wants to add more parking space to their property? A retractable awning for your garage might be the right solution as it doesn’t require installing a permanent structure and protects you and your car from various weather conditions.

Retractable Garage Awning

What is a retractable garage awning?

A retractable garage awning is a more flexible and functional version of well-known fixed carport awnings or carport canopies. While carport awnings are fixed structures lacking flexibility and movement, retractable awnings are an excellent alternative for people who want more than one option for using the space. 

Retractable awnings act as an extension of the roof structure of the garage building that you can extend or retract fully, halfway or up to any other point you see fit at the moment. They are manually operated,  motorized and motorized with backup manual override versions of retractable awnings, depending on their size and weight. 

What can you use it for?

You can use a retractable garage awning as an extension of the building. Your reasons may vary. Maybe you have limited outdoor space in your backyard or the sidewalk in front of your house. 

You may want to use your garage for other purposes such as your daily hobbies or even turn it into an entertainment zone. You can also use it to increase the number of parking spaces when you have guests over at your house. 

Whatever the reason, a retractable garage awning will create a pleasant and shady outdoor area and give you the flexibility you need. You can park your car underneath or pull out the barbeque to enjoy an afternoon with your friends and family.

What materials can they be made of?

Retractable garage awnings can be made of various materials, just like retractable patio awnings. Depending on the vendor and company you choose to purchase from, you can see a difference in the production materials of the frame and the cover. However, always remember to invest your money in high-quality materials that come with a long warranty on the frame, fabric and motor and have engineering certifications.

In general, it’s preferable to choose a retractable awning for your garage made of sturdy and strong yet lightweight materials such as 6063 aluminum and solution-dyed acrylic fabric and motors that are UL listed and made in Europe and not China

For example, breathable, long-lasting solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are the perfect choice for shade and to avoid overheating in the blazing hot sun, but they are not suitable for harsh conditions such as snowfall or heavy rain when used on a retractable awning.

What are their pros and cons?


The benefits of a retractable awning installation over garage doors are plenty. First, you can control them in various ways depending on their operating mechanism – manually, or motorized via remote control, a wall switch or an app on your smartphone or tablet. 

They are the perfect addition to your home and garage building, providing sufficient shade and light rain protection to your outdoor area.

Parking space

With retractable awnings, you don’t need to build a permanent structure for your outdoor living space to expand your garage area. You can host your guests and provide parking space for their cars where they’ll be protected from the elements.

Outdoor activities

If you don’t need additional parking space, you can use the outdoor area under the garage awning for other purposes, such as hosting a barbeque or working on crafts. Sunburning and excessive heat won’t be a reason to cancel your plans.


A retractable awning over your garage door is a simple and effective way to beautify your property and create an outdoor area that everybody will want to return to. You can choose from hundreds of fabric colors, patterns and valance styles to enhance your property’s appearance.

Retractable Garage Awning

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