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Waterproof Retractable Awning

Many customers look for waterproof retractable awnings, and some vendors claim to offer them. 

But are there waterproof retractable patio awnings, and can they protect you from harsh weather conditions like heavy rain? 

Waterproof Retractable Awning

Definition and characteristics

Retractable awnings consist of a fabric cover attached to a frame. These components act as an outdoor extension of a home or building that completely supports the structure. Rainproof fixed or permanent awnings are usually installed on windows, doors, roofs or soffits to cover decks, patios, balconies and more. 

Depending on the fabric material, rain awnings can protect people, furniture and indoor areas from excessive heat, harmful UV rays, glare and light rain. The retractable mechanism allows adjusting shading preferences by retracting or extending the fabric to any projection point. 

Are there waterproof retractable patio awnings, and can they protect you from heavy rain?

What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?

Waterproof products do not allow moisture to penetrate the material. They offer complete protection from water, even when heavy rain falls on the top of the awnings. They don’t allow the water to pass through the fabric or reach people and furniture underneath.

On the other hand, water-resistant means the material acts as a barrier between water and the space beneath. Water-resistant patio awning types are suitable for minimal amounts of water, like light rain showers or the neighbor’s sprinklers. 

A water-repellent coating like Teflon Extreme by Para, for example, is applied to the fabric to create retractable awnings for light rain protection. It is important to note that even if the material is water-resistant/water-repellent, it is not waterproof.

Some vendors offer only non-water-resistant awnings, and others water-resistant and water-repellent fabrics. The level of rain protection depends on the production materials used and fabric quality. 

If you are interested in entirely waterproof retractable awnings, you can look into retractable roof pergolas.

Waterproof Retractable Awning

Production materials

As mentioned above, fabrics are essential to consider when choosing a water-resistant or waterproof retractable canopy.

Why aren’t there waterproof awnings?

I have noticed that many vendors claim to sell waterproof retractable awnings that will protect you from heavy rain, hail and snow. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The main reason is that the definition of a folding lateral arm retractable awning doesn’t include front support posts/columns/stanchions. The awning is entirely supported by the frame attached to the building.

The best lightweight yet strong awning frame materials are aluminum arms combined with heavy-duty commercial grade springs and stainless steel chains. However, no retractable awning frame in the industry can hold the weight of the heavy waterproof PVC type fabrics and the extra pressure from heavy rain or “pooling”  water on the top. 

That is why, if you require a waterproof awning for the deck or patio, you need additional support posts/columns/stanchions, and that means you need a retractable roof pergola or a rotating louver roof pergola.

Which are the best water-resistant fabrics for a retractable rain awning?

Water-resistant fabrics are typically 100% solution-dyed acrylics additionally treated to become water-repellent. Some of the best fabric manufacturing companies in the awning industry are based in Europe and the US. Fabrics by Para ®, Dickson®, Recasens® and Sunbrella®, are the highest quality water-resistant and water-repellent fabrics available on the market.

Customers can choose from manual and motorized retractable awnings. Additional equipment and accessories available for light rain-resistant awnings include high-quality tubular motors, sound speakers, heaters, LED and halogen lights, wind/sun/rain sensors, remote controls, tablet and smartphone apps including timers and more. 

Waterproof Retractable Awning

Benefits and advantages

Retractable awnings are a fantastic way to expand functional spaces and create “outdoor rooms” where people can enjoy the shade and fresh air. Their mechanism allows for complete customization of shade preference, giving you the option to stay safe from UV rays during the day or enjoy a clear night sky in the evenings. 

Water-resistant fabrics for retractable awnings for light rain must be of European quality to last longer without mildewing or rotting. Breathable materials used for these fabric covers do not trap the heat or the air underneath. In addition, they allow you to use your outdoor living space or business area, even in light rain conditions.

Solution-dyed fabrics are the preferred choice by millions worldwide because of their color fastness, stripe, pattern and texture diversity. As a customer, you can choose from hundreds of different options, making it almost impossible not to find the perfect one for complementing your property’s aesthetic design.

Who are they appropriate for?

All water-resistant retractable awnings for rain protection are fantastic additions to any residential or commercial property. Retractable lateral arm, folding arm and drop arm awnings can cover large and small areas depending on their width and projection specification. 

Water-resistant/water-repellent awnings are great for apartment balconies, hotel rooms, sidewalks, patios, decks, restaurant terraces and many more. Homeowners and businesses can benefit from these retractable light rain canopies if they do not plan to use them in harsh weather conditions. 

They can quickly retract them back so they are not damaged by heavy rain, hail or snow. Clients can customize their purchases with optional weather sensors or control them remotely via a mobile app when a sudden weather change occurs.

Waterproof Retractable Awning

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