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Retractable Wood Deck Awnings

Installing a deck is a fabulous idea for improving your home design. Decks add aesthetic appeal and increase the square footage of usable space. They create an ideal outdoor area for summer barbeques, hosting get-togethers or recreation activities.

Have you thought about how you could still use the deck during scorching summer days or perhaps during a gray and rainy season? A retractable awning for the deck might be just the solution you need.

Retractable Awning for Deck

Definition and characteristics

A retractable awning is a movable cover made of high-quality fabrics like solution-dyed acrylic or low quality fabric like polyester. The fabric is stretched over a hopefully (sturdy and strong) frame that you can extend to create shade and protection or retract back to enjoy the open sky during the day and stars at night. 

Retractable awnings for decks are a perfect addition to your outdoor living space. You can easily mount them to the outside walls over windows and doors, to a soffit//eave/overhang, fascia, roof, beam or rafter. They come in various sizes and colors so that you can find a custom solution for your deck area. 

A retractable awning for a deck or patio can be placed at any height you want, providing the headspace you need. It will expand your functional area by adding square footage  from the elements.

You can choose a manually operated retractable awning for your deck with a simple detachable hand crank to extend or retract the fabric cover. However, if you choose a motorized awning, you will enjoy quick and easy control over the awning, perfect for large and heavy canopies.

Product materials

I advise you to choose retractable awning product materials depending on the qualities you want them to have – water-resistant, fade-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, fire retardant, how much shadow/shade, etc.

Two main elements you should consider are the frames and awning fabrics. I always vouch for choosing high-quality components and fabrics, designed and manufactured using strict European engineering testing requirements since they are a much better investment than Chinese products and dramatically minimize potential problems.

I recommend that all arm parts under stress be made of forged 6063 aluminum, including the shoulder, elbow, and arm components. Forged 6063 aluminum arm components are superior and much stronger than all die castings or extrusions, resulting in a significantly stronger retractable awning against the elements. All components used for assembly should be marine grade 316 stainless steel.If there already is a mounted wooden pergola over your deck, you may want to install a retractable pergola roof cover instead of aretractable awning.

Deck awning models and retractable patio awnings come in various types of fabric materials, functional properties, and colors. Solution-dyed acrylic fabric is the best option for resisting light rain (assuming enough pitch is placed on the arms) and fading caused by intense sun and UV rays. 

Retractable Awning for Deck

Benefits and advantages

The main benefit of a retractable awning for a deck is that you can use your “extra room” even on sunny or light rainy days. With this type of awning, you can invite your friends over and not worry about spending the evening indoors. 

Retractable awnings provide excellent UV-ray and sun protection, making even the blazing hot weather enjoyable in the shade. Your electricity bill will also decrease since the inside of your house won’t get direct heat from the sun. 

Water resistant fabrics help make your deck usable even during light rain days. Your guests will thank you and furniture will stay dry and your get-together will be a success.

Retractable Awning for Deck

Who are they appropriate for?

Retractable awnings are perfect for you if you own a house with a deck or plan to install one. They are also great for deck areas at  beach bars, restaurants, pools, and spas, making outdoor space usable  at all times.

In addition to sun UV-ray and light rain protection, retractable awnings for decks are a great way to add some extra privacy to your space, yet they do not obstruct the view The best part is that you can quickly retract them back at any time to enjoy the clear night sky and stars or if a storm approaches.

A retractable awning is a perfect final touch to a wooden or vinyl deck. Aluminum frames come in several colors and can depict wood. You can choose the fabrics to compliment your outdoor furniture and pillows or house color palette.

Retractable Awning for Deck

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