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Retractable Awning Repair


Retractable awnings are certainly one of the best and most functional outdoor shading solutions any business or residential owner could get. Unfortunately, even high-quality models occasionally need repairs in case of improper use. On the other hand, low-quality product damage, mostly with awnings from China, often goes beyond repair and needs to be replaced entirely.

Today I’ll talk about the possible causes for retractable awning repair, how to fix them, and how long an awning should typically last.

Retractable Awning Repair

How do you fix a retractable awning?

Fixing a retractable awning depends on the type of damage there is. Sometimes, you will not only have to complete the repair but also gain insight into the root cause of the problem to prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

Depending on the type of damage and the size of the awning, you can either use a DIY repair method or call a professional retractable awning service company in your area. 

The second will most certainly be a more expensive option, but most likely a more reliable one as long as the service provider is qualified for the job.

So, let’s discuss the different damage types and what problems can occur if you use an awning for your home or business.

Awning fabric damage

Your retractable awning fabric is the main focus when you fully extend the mechanism. It completes the overall look of your backyard/deck/patio and the house or commercial building itself. Fabric damage can usually be easily spotted, as the eyes are naturally drawn to the colors and patterns of stylish fabrics.

The type of damage to an awning fabric varies. Low-quality production material or improper use in adverse weather conditions can be the cause. For example, PVC covers are more prone to mold, mildew and rotting than high-quality solution-dyed acrylics such as Para Tempotest. Your fabric can also naturally wear and tear as time passes. The good news is that retractable awning fabric is easily replaceable if and when needed but be sure to follow the frame manufacturer’s installation instructions, as the arms are spring-loaded and can cause bodily harm.

Electric motor damage

If you’ve installed a motorized retractable awning for your deck or patio, you may face issues related to the electric motor that controls the retraction and extension of the frame. 

Suppose you have a problem with the operating mechanism when you use the remote control or wall switch. In that case, it’s important to distinguish between a motor problem and a retractable arm problem.

Try to exclude the retractable arm option by checking if the issue persists when manually retracting/extending using the backup manual override. If the problem is gone, you can focus on the motor and see if it’s overheating or malfunctioning.

Weather sensors

If your motorized awning is equipped with weather sensors for sun, motion, rain or wind detection, you might experience their malfunction at one point or another. If your sensors fail to automatically retract/extend your awning, make sure first to check their battery level or if there was an unexpected electrical power outage. 

If none is the case, then the sensor problem resides elsewhere.

Retractable Awning Repair

How long does a retractable awning last?

High-quality European retractable awnings are built to last a long time without needing repairs if used correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, a low-quality product that’s not been tested and is made of cheaper, lower-quality production materials, such as retractable awnings from China, won’t last longer than a year or two. 

If you don’t have a retractable awning yet but are planning on purchasing one, check out our guide on picking the best awning for your home

As a general rule, the warranty period for different retractable awning parts varies:

  • The sewing thread should be strong (preferably GORE Tenara) and last you a lifetime. GORE Tenara has a unique ePTFE fiber construction. Due to its exceptional material properties and use of non-fading pigments rather than dyes, colorfast GORE Tenara sewing thread retains its bold appearance over time, even after exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals and therefore offers a lifetime warranty against seam separation.
  • Top-notch fabric brands like Para from Italy typically offer a 10-year warranty period.
  • High-quality European motors and controls such as Simu or Somfy will last at least five years as they both have a 5-year warranty and typically last much longer.

Why does my awning not retract?

Your retractable awning’s retracting function may be interrupted for several reasons. If such an issue arises, it’s essential to troubleshoot the problem before proceeding to repair solutions.

For manual awnings

You need to : 

  • Check for any rusting elements, such as non-stainless steel chains, fasteners and bolts.
  • Check if there’s something stuck along the retracting mechanism (e.g., a twig, leaves, etc.).
  • Check if there’s any problem with the manual hand crank.

For motorized awnings

For motorized awning troubleshooting, check all of the above, plus:

  • If there is an electrical power outage
  • If there’s an issue with the wall switch
  • If the remote control needs the batteries replaced 
  • If all the weather sensors are working properly
  • If the motor makes any strange or grinding noises.

Can you repair an awning? 

Yes, you can fix most awning issues with repairs. However, it’s essential to know what to do if you notice anything wrong with your product. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s repair and troubleshooting instructions.

First, if the problem is not apparent (e.g., fabric tear), try and troubleshoot to see if you can identify the issue. After you have a general idea of what needs fixing, check if the product or specific part is still in the warranty period. If yes, contact the vendor from whom you purchased the awning model.

In case the warranty period has expired, you might need to purchase replacement parts and repair the awning yourself if you have skillful hands and can follow repair and troubleshooting instructions. Another option is contacting a local retractable awning repair company to help you fix your awning.

Retractable Awning Repair


How to find a retractable awning repair company?

If your product is still under warranty, it’s best to contact the vendor from whom you purchased it. However, if it’s not and you want to call a professional company, start looking for retractable awning service providers in your local area. Make sure they are experienced and reliable.

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