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The traditional pergola construction patio covers incorporate wooden columns and beams. While they certainly add aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces, they don’t provide shade on the hottest summer days when the sun is intense and in addition don’t provide any rain protection.

People created low-cost solutions such as planting climbing plants to grow over the pergola structure. This method creates a somewhat shady, cool area underneath the pergola but usually does not provide full shade or sun coverage. Another option is to fix taut fabrics to the beams. The drawback of such a shading system is its lack of control and protection from the elements.

Today you can enjoy waterproof, fully motorized pergola retracting canopy systems, which will give you complete control over your shading and rain preferences. 

Motorized Retractable Pergola Canopy

Definition and characteristics

The main characteristic of a motorized pergola retractable roof is the integrated electric motor used to open or close the awning. You can fully extend the waterproof fabric cover during the hottest parts of the day or retract it back in the evening to enjoy the stars. Thanks to the motor, you can do so with just a simple click of a button on a remote, wall switch, smartphone or tablet app.

Imagine a folding pergola roof made of the most resistant top quality European fabrics. If made from waterproof (not water resistant) materials, it will protect you from harmful UV rays, wind, and heavy rain. You can slide it across the pergola to increase privacy or retract it back to enjoy the clear skies. A motorized retractable pergola canopy creates a fully customizable outdoor area for you, your family and friends or customers and employees. 

Motorized Retractable Pergola Canopy

Production materials

People traditionally used wooden columns and beams for traditional pergola structures. Wood requires maintenance including re-staining. However, modern products often include vinyl or aluminum as a stylish and lightweight solution with no upkeep. Others utilize a combination of fiberglass and metal to create a sturdier structure with a long life expectancy. 

Depending on the weather conditions you need protection from, you have the option to choose from different retractable pergola covers and awnings. Quality products offered today use solution-dyed acrylic fabrics from companies like Para (Italy), Dickson (France) or Sunbrella (USA and China). These fabrics have water-resistant (not waterproof), heat and glare rejection qualities. They protect you from light rain and harmful UV rays, providing the relaxing shade you need on a hot day. A much better option for motorized retractable pergolas is to use waterproof (not water-resistant) fabric from companies like Ferrari Textiles (France) and Mehler (Germany). Not only are these fabrics waterproof, protecting you against heavy rain, but they also reject heat, glare, UV and are dirt resistant and fire retardant. An important thing to consider is if you need or want your pergola canopy to be water-resistant or waterproof. Almost all retractable pergolas sold today are waterproof.

The motorized retractable pergola canopy uses an electric motor to slide the fabric across solid, aluminum guides extending to the ends of the beams. The motor can be wireless or wired, but keep in mind that wired technology is outdated and requires an electrician. I advise you to go for the wireless option, if possible, as it does not require an electrician.

Motorized Retractable Pergola Canopy

Benefits and advantages

Retractable outdoor roofing for patios such as a motorized pergola canopy brings your outdoor living space to life with style, protection from the elements, and easy control. 

A motorized retracting pergola awning brings you comfort and convenience. It maximizes the use of the pergola and the outdoor space. Its main benefit over manual retractable canopies is the easy ability to unfold and draw back, which you can control via remote control, smartphone and tablet (either iOS or Android) or a wireless wall switch. 

You can upgrade today’s modern motors with additional weather sensors or incorporate them into an intelligent home automation system. Very few motorized pergolas have integrated manual override retracting mechanisms. They are a good choice if you don’t want to leave your pergola awning taut during a bad storm or a power outage. All these options give you the ultimate experience and peace of mind.

Who are they appropriate for

Motorized retractable pergola canopies and awnings are appropriate for anyone looking for an innovative and elegant shading system solution at their home or business.

They are handy for the elderly and disabled who may struggle or have difficulty with the manual operation of retracting a pergola canopy. 

Motorized Retractable Pergola Canopy

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