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Patio Retractable Side Awning

Patio retractable side awnings are one of many retractable shading products available in the awning industry. Depending on your requirements, you can integrate them into your outdoor awning system or use them independently. Retractable side awnings provide you with lateral protection from sun glare, UV rays, and light rain. They improve your outside living area privacy and create the relaxing space you need. Patio Retractable Side Awning

Definition and characteristics 

People use the terms retractable side awnings, retractable side screens, and retractable side screen awnings interchangeably to describe the same outdoor product. Unlike the traditional drop screens and vertical awnings, the retractable side screen awning opens sideways. It consists of 3 crucial elements – a strong frame, high-grade fabrics, and stress-withstanding mounting brackets You may mount the retractable side screen in three different ways:
  • Between two walls
  • Between two floor-mounted posts (a/k/a) stanchions
  • Between a wall and a floor-mounted post (a/k/a) stanchion.
The right way to install a retractable patio side awning is sideways. Then you extend the fabric horizontally, from one attachment point to the other. Side screen awning characteristics include protection from wind and harmful UV rays, protection from light sideways rain, and added privacy to outdoor living areas.

Production materials

Manufacturing companies typically produce retractable side awning frames from aluminum alloy. This material has outstanding strength, performance, and durability in addition to its lightweight and low-density features. Aluminum frames withstand the detrimental effects of weather and provide retractable side awnings with exceptional stability. Retractable side screen frames are resistant to the rusting effect common for outdoor installations due to additional reinforcements such as powder-coating. Patio retractable side awning fabrics are usually polyester or acrylic. Their production materials don’t typically involve traditional canvas. It has low water resistance, and professionals must additionally treat it to become water-repellent. Unlike canvas, polyester may have water repellent qualities. The issue with polyester is that it will fade fast and disintegrate. On the other side, solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are water repellent,  incredibly lightweight and provide you with greater privacy than others. Solution-dyed acrylic has quick-drying qualities and is highly durable due to its resistance to rotting and fading. Patio Retractable Side Awning

Benefits and advantages

The main benefits and advantages of patio side awning use include:
  • Protection from intense sunlight, UV rays, and glare
  • Protection from wind and light sideways rain
  • Advancing your privacy.
Side retractable screens offer protection from intense lateral sunlight, glare, and harmful UV rays during a hot summer day. They are very suitable for the early and late hours of the day when the sun is low on the horizon. Retractable awning side screens have good wind resistance and allow you to enjoy a sunny day despite the unpleasant wind. They protect you from light sideways rain, the neighbor’s sprinklers, or other incoming lateral water sprays. By retracting your side patio awning, you finally get the peace of mind and privacy needed in your home. It acts as a sidewall between your outside living area and a  passerby or neighbors. It leaves you undisturbed but without limiting space or airflow. All patio retractable side awnings operate manually. The absence of automatic motors and sensors allows the side screen to be freely moved and installed in various locations. Another advantage is the wide variety of colors and sizes. You can customize your side screen for different space and design requirements.  Patio Retractable Side Awning

Who are they appropriate for

Patio retractable side screens are beneficial for residential and commercial use. They are appropriate for open areas of various sizes, such as yards, balconies, outdoor restaurants, or café seating areas. People commonly use them near pool areas for privacy and sun protection. Side awnings can serve as outdoor dressing rooms on the beach or property separators on the streets. Yacht and boat owners may also benefit from specific models with exceptional sun glare protection and waterproof fabrics. 

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