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Retractable side awnings for the deck are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to provide more shade and comfort to the outdoor areas. They are perfect not only for residential use but also for commercial use.  

You can find a wide variety of models that not only allow you a durable sun shading solution but are also a beautiful accessory for your deck. In addition, they are perfect in case you need more privacy.

Retractable Side Awning for Deck

Definition and characteristics

The retractable side awning for a deck is a side screen that provides more sun protection, more comfort, and privacy, so you feel comfortable while enjoying the good weather in spring and summer. 

It is exceptionally suitable for a deck to beautify your outdoor living space in the best possible way. To find the perfect retractable side awning for a deck or patio, there are important specifications to look out for.

The first step to finding the right product for you is to consider the size of the retractable side awning. Each manufacturer offers a wide variety of versions that are of different sizes. They can be both smaller and larger according to the size of your deck, your needs, and your personal preferences.

Another essential feature of retractable side awnings for a deck or patio is the design options that each manufacturer offers you. The wide variety of styles allows you to find a fantastic product to complement the exterior of your outdoor space.

In terms of product style, you can also choose between different colors to suit your taste and what you are looking for. Fortunately, some  manufacturers allow you to customize your retractable side awning for deck so that you get the perfect product without having to compromise. . 

Retractable Side Awning for Deck

Production materials

Of great significance is to consider the materials from which the retractable side awning for a deck is made. They are responsible for how durable the product will be. Buying a high quality side awning is an expensive and long-term investment, so you should be very careful when choosing it.

When it comes to production materials, the awning fabric and the frame are essential. The main task of side screens is to provide UV/sun/heat/glare protection, but in addition, they can be very suitable for sideways rain and light wind protection. The frame should be electrostatically powder coated, non-rusting, 6063 aluminum with non-corroding, 316 stainless steel, marine grade assembly components. Don’t settle for less!

In this regard, it is essential to consider whether to use the product in the rain. If so, you should choose water-resistant fabrics like solution dyed acrylic and definitely not polyester.

Retractable Side Awning for Deck

Benefits of using retractable side awnings for a deck or patio

If, at some point, you had the opportunity to take advantage of retractable awnings, pergolas, or screens, then you certainly know what convenience they are for both a home and a business. 

In this regard, some of the most significant advantages of retractable side awning for deck are:

  • It provides more comfort—there is nothing better than enjoying the spring and summer days outside but in pleasantly cool shade. 

Heat and UV rays are very harmful, so it is good to take care of yourself in the best way. In addition, wind can cause discomfort. With the help of side screens, this problem is solved.

  • Easy to maintain and clean—the maintenance for this simple and stylish structure is minimal, and the recommended frequency of easy cleaning is once or twice a year. .
  • Easy installation—this is one of the easiest to install retractable products.
  • The best exterior addition—it provides shade and gives even more beauty and comfort to your outdoor living space. It is no coincidence that you can choose between different styles and frame/fabric colors.

Who are they appropriate for?

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, I recommend that you consider buying a retractable side awning for a deck. Although a top caliber product  is a significant investment, the benefits it gives to you or your business are many.

If the product is for residential use, then in this way, you give more value to your home, and your deck becomes a pleasant place to spend more time with your family and friends during the spring and hot summer days. 

On the other hand, if you are a business owner, you expand your outdoor space by providing additional space to your customers. That way, they will pleasantly enjoy the sunny and rainy days, which inevitably increases your profit. 

Retractable Side Awning for Deck


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Moreover, when choosing a retractable side awning for deck, which manufacturer and installer you choose will play an important role. In this regard, at, you will find honest customer reviews, as well as a ranking of the best retractable awnings companies.


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