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Retractable House Awning


A retractable house awning can refer to anything from a window awning to a patio awning and freestanding structures. You can find various products online, many of which lack clear information about them. Today’s post aims to shed light on retractable house awnings and their benefits. 

Retractable House Awning

Why installing a retractable awning for the house is a good idea?

Installing a retractable awning for the house is a good idea for every homeowner wondering how to deal with the summer’s heat without hiding indoors. These structures are perfect for people and pets who like to stay outdoors but also prefer a more comfortable and regulated environment. 

A retractable awning is a perfect addition to any house as it expands your outdoor living space and protects it from the sun, glare, heat and damaging UV rays. Although those are the primary functions of retractable awnings, they offer additional benefits and advantages for you and your home.

What are the benefits for the homeowner?

Homeowners benefit from retractable house awnings because they create shade and protection from the sun and heat and also from various other advantages these structures offer. Retractable house awnings offer numerous pros and have a higher return on investment than other shading solutions.   

Like for example : 

  • You can enjoy every hour of the day because of the retractable mechanism.
  • You can reduce outdoor and indoor temperature by extending the awning during summer thus lowering your electric bill.
  • You can increase outdoor and indoor temperature by retracting the awning during winter thus lowering your electric bill even more.
  • You can enjoy stargazing and night sky watching by retracting the awning mechanism.
  • You can increase the privacy of your residence, patio, deck or porch by extending the awning and adjusting the pitch.
  • You can protect your family, friends and pets from harmful UV rays.
  • You can protect your outdoor and indoor furniture, carpeting and rugs from damage and fading.
  • Depending on the awning’s model and features, you get light wind and light rain protection.
  • You can choose between manual retractable awnings with a hand crank or motorized versions with remote controls, wall switches and mobile apps for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • You can choose from a wide range of colors, stripes, textures and patterns.
  • With a retractable house awning, it’s easy to create a stylish design and a memorable experience.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a retractable house awning varies between manufacturers, vendors and e-commerce platforms. 

It depends on various factors and items chosen, like for example : 

  • Type of awning
  • Cassette type – open roll, semi cassette or full cassette
  • Fabric type – solution-dyed acrylic, polyester, cotton, duck, canvas, vinyl
  • Width and projection
  • Manual or motorized
  • Production materials – aluminum, stainless steel, steel, galvanized steel, cables, chains 
  • Bracket type – wall, soffit, beam or roof mounts
  • Installation cost
  • Delivery cost
  • Additional accessories
  • Custom size or standard size 

However, on my website, you can find a detailed guide on retractable awnings costs, installation prices for metal awnings and how much it costs to build a pergola.

Retractable House Awning

What type of awning to choose?

Choosing a retractable house awning may become complicated once you begin your research and see overwhelming amounts of information. To make it easy for you, I’ve divided the types of awnings you can choose from into three categories.

Depending on its function

The function of a retractable house awning is directly related to its design. For example, lateral arm awnings are attached to a house or building and don’t have additional support posts or columns. 

They are perfect for temperature management as they offer intense sun and UV ray protection. However, if you need your awning to withstand high wind speeds and heavy rain loads, you may want to consider a retractable roof pergola structure as it is sturdier and has multiple support points.

Depending on the location

You may want to choose your future retractable awning based on the location where you’ll install it. Retractable drop arm awnings are perfect for windows and door openings while folding arm awnings are often mounted over deck, patio, balcony and porch areas. 

Those structures are attached to the house or building itself. If you need sun and/or light or heavy rain coverage further away from the house or building, you need a freestanding retractable awning or a freestanding pergola structure.

Depending on the operational mechanism

Depending on their operational mechanism you can choose between a motorized awning or a manual awning. A manual model would be a good solution if you need a smaller and light awning, but motorized versions are preferable for larger and heavier canopies.

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