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Best Pergolas with Retractable Canopies

Retractable patio cover pergola companies

Retractable pergolas add visual interest, shade, and excellent weather protection to your space, enhancing your enjoyment of the outdoors. But, the options can be overwhelming when you’re looking for the best retractable pergolas. Check out the list of genuine customer reviews to learn more about the most (and least) popular models and options.


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Name: Charles McGinnis
“When it came time to replace our existing awning and framework, I spent a lot of time searching the web and reading consumer testimonials….”
Rotating louver roof pergola
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Name: Cathy Shot
“The best business investment I believe I’ve made was the Bioclimatique patio cover awning. It expanded my outdoor patio to a year-round addition, with…”
Retractable residential patio deck attached pergola cover system
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Name: Vinnie Benedetto DDS
“I was really impressed reading the consumer testimonials and reviews for the Denizli patio cover awning. The comments about the solid looking powder coated…”

Retractable Pergolas

It can be difficult to find the best pergolas with retractable canopies for a few reasons:

  • Countless options
  • Almost every manufacturer claims to make the best retractable pergola
  • A manufacturer or brand’s quality standards and product options can shift over time 

Retractable Awnings Reviews is here to help by connecting you with real feedback from customers just like you — and expert advice from an industry pro.

Pergola Companies

In addition to customer reviews, I also offer an in-depth guide to pergola companies and manufacturers/brands. The rankings you’ll find here are based on customer feedback, and my list breaks down the pros and cons of popular brands like, Corradi, ShadeTree, and more. 

I also account for major changes in company structures and reputations to note how brands (and their products) have shifted over time.


Have questions about finding the best pergolas with retractable canopies? I have the answers you are looking for.

No — not all pergolas feature retractable roofs, rotating louvers, or other modular components that allow you to customize your shade. Some pergolas feature stationary roofs, but pergolas with retractable roofs or movable louvers give you more power to change your outdoor space on the fly to let in more light and sun (or achieve more sun coverage) or protect against rain and snow. 

Pergolas and awnings are designed to offer comfort and protection from the weather in various climates — some like rotating or retractable louvered roofs can even bear the weight of heavy snow. When it comes to hot weather, consider breathable canopy materials like solution dyed acrylic in light colors that absorb less heat. 

This is a complicated question in the search for the best pergolas with retractable canopies, and there are a few considerations to remember as you search for a durable pergola:

  • Wind resistance – If you live in a place with high winds (or where hurricanes or tornadoes are common), consider models made from heavier materials. In addition, consider how to affix your pergola permanently to the ground — perhaps by creating concrete footers for the posts/legs/columns or attaching your pergola to a permanent structure like an exterior wall.
  • Durability – Some materials wear and tear faster than others. While a few wood types and finishes are designed to endure the elements, this isn’t true of all species. If you want optimal durability, consider rugged materials like heavy gauge aluminum or galvanized steel.
  • Retractable shades – Not all pergola shades/covers are created equal. If you want your retractable canopy or movable louvers to keep working for years, consider the functional and durability differences between manual and motorized options and the wide variety of materials/covers available.

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