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Retractable Porch Awnings

Porches are glorious extensions of a building’s architectural style and provide a fabulous outdoor space for relaxation or entertainment for family members and friends. Some porches already have a roof which means some may offer more shade and protection than others depending on their size and the sun’s position. 

For homeowners whose houses have more open porches that get lots of sun throughout the day, a retractable porch awning may be the flexible solution they are looking for. Such structure provides sun and UV protection for people, pets and furniture and can add privacy to the area.

Retractable Porch Awnings

What are retractable porch awnings?

Retractable porch awnings are simply retractable awnings that can be attached to the porch portion of a building. They act as an extension of the porch’s roof, further enclosing your outdoor living space, adding possible privacy and protecting it from the harsh summer sun and harmful UV rays. 

On the other hand, semi-attached retractable pergolas are a great way to create a porch without having a permanent roof structure. You can also get a retractable awning to create a porch area wherever you park your caravan.

These awnings are the perfect solution for businesses or homeowners who want to upgrade their outdoor porch structures. Their operating mechanism gives you complete freedom of retracting or extending the awning’s canopy whenever you seem fit. 

You can use the remote control or wall switch (if the awning is motorized/electric) during the hottest parts of the day to keep your customers or guests away from the heat or retract it back to protect the frame and fabric during heavy rain and high wind loads.

What materials are they made from?

Porch awnings, also known as retractable patio awnings, can be made of various materials depending on the manufacturer and vendor. The best retractable awning companies offer the most reliable products made of high-quality engineered and certified European or USA manufactured components, materials and motors.

The top crucial elements of each retractable porch awning are the fabric (cover), the frame and the assembly components. The best material for the structure and arms of an awning is 6063 aluminum, while marine-grade 316 stainless steel is preferable for any assembly components such as bolts and chains. 

I highly recommend you choose solution-dyed acrylic for a fabric cover, such as Para, Dickson or Sunbrella, since polyester, canvas, cotton, duck,  and other fabrics tend to rot, mildew, discolor and fade fast.

What are their pros and cons?

Anyone with an outdoor porch structure can benefit from a retractable awning since it provides complete sun protection, and if the pitch is big enough, it will keep prying eyes away. 

It helps you save on energy bills for your home by reducing air conditioning usage during the summer months. A retractable porch awning also protects outdoor and indoor furniture and furnishings such as carpets and rugs that would otherwise be exposed to direct sunlight and fade. 

A possible disadvantage of a top-quality retractable awning would be its inability to withstand large, heavy amounts of rain, as retractable awnings are not designed to be waterproof and instead are designed to be water-resistant. Manufacturers typically treat solution-dyed acrylics to add a water-resistant effect that functions similarly to Rain X used on a car windshield.

Yet, if you want to use a retractable awning on a stormy and heavy rain day, I would highly recommend that you refrain from doing so and purchase a retractable pergola or rotating louver roof pergola instead that can withstand heavy rain.

Retractable Porch Awnings

How much do they cost?

Retractable porch awnings’ costs greatly vary depending on the size (width and projection) you want to purchase as well as the production materials used during the manufacturing process. However, you can purchase a retractable awning for your patio or porch for anywhere between approximately $800 and $16,000.

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