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Oliver Patterson

I’d purchased a small lakeside cabin a couple of years ago. It had a covered porch across the front which blocked the light from getting into the cabin, so I had the roof removed. The difference was amazing. Lots of light streams into the cabin, and it feels and smells so much better. I decided I wanted a retractable awning so I could shade the windows on hot days. I checked reviews for different products and selected the one from Advaning’s S Series. Other consumers said it was light, simple to install, durable, and the canopy fabric was heavy. I found none of these comments to be accurate except installation wasn’t too difficult with extra hands to help; I wouldn’t want to do it alone. The frame is extremely gaunt and the fabric is completely transparent and ectomorphic. The striped fabric jazzes up the cabin, and on hot days the shade is appreciated although since it is transparent, we don’t get much shade. I hope the aluminum won’t corrode, and I’m not sure how the fabric will handle the winter; I may store it in the cabin to make it last longer since I didn’t buy the optional hood cover.