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Today, you will find a wide selection of awnings to provide more shade and protect the interior from the intense sun and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. In addition to standard fixed awnings, today, there are a variety of retractable awnings. 

Among them is the innovative retractable awning with drop screen. It is an excellent solution for your home or business. 


Definition and characteristics

A retractable awning with drop screen is a flexible screen that retracts and rolls up into a cassette box. This screen can be attached to the inside or outside of a window, as well as around the windows, on a french door, pergola, or sides of a gazebo.

Roll-down awnings are convenient and practical to use. They are mainly used for privacy, sun/UV/heat/glare protection, rain protection, and bug protection. 

A retractable vertical drop awning screen can be operated using a motor or a detachable crank. The motorized awnings  version is the best you can get, as it provides maximum convenience to anyone who uses a roll-down awning.

It is essential to know that the vertical retractable screens with vertical zippered side guides are not water-resistant, but they are 99% waterproof. In this regard, it is crucial what material you choose. If, for example, you are looking for a product designed only for UV, heat, glare or sun protection only, then a mesh fabric is a good choice but a mesh fabric will not provide rain protection. For a retractable drop awning screen, which will protect from rain, Ferrari 502 Proof Satin Precontraint is most often used. 

Retractable Awning with Drop Screen

Production materials

The materials from which a retractable awning with drop screen is made are different, and the fabric choice is critical. As I shared above, it can be waterproof or non-waterproof. It is crucial to consider whether you will use it for rain protection or sun / UV / heat/glare protection only.

No matter what your needs and what you are looking for, I recommend that you always choose awnings made of high-quality materials. Unfortunately, most companies offer products made in China. They are much more affordable but extremely low quality and will not last more than a year or two. Choose retractable drop awning screens, which are high-quality products  designed and engineered in Europe. 

Retractable Awning with Drop Screen

Benefits of  a retractable awning with drop screens

There are many reasons to choose a retractable drop awning screen. 

One of the most significant advantages are:

  • Easy to install – it is the easiest retractable product to install. The installation consists of a few simple steps. First, you attach the brackets inside or outside the opening, then click the header cassette box, also known as housing. After you do that, you simply attach the vertical side channels inside or outside the opening, and you are ready to use your drop awning screen. It’s that easy.
  • Easy to clean and maintain – the drop awning screens require minimal maintenance. I recommend that you clean them once or twice a season. They do not require specific maintenance as they are hidden when not in use. To clean them, simply use a mild detergent and water and gently wipe them off. Always be sure to follow the fabric manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions.
  • Keep mosquitoes out – the drop awning screens can protect against pesky bugs depending on what mesh type you choose. Usually, this type of product protects against most critters. If you want superior insect protection, I recommend you to select Phifer No-See-Um.
  • Provide more comfort – their primary aim is sun, heat, glare, UV, and rain protection. In addition, they are used for privacy depending on the fabric used. In this way, you provide greater convenience  to you, your family, colleagues, and customers.
  • You can retract them – the best part is that the drop awning screens remain out of sight until they are needed. When not in use, they retract into an optional cassette box a/k/a a header box. This product is so discreet that it will not interfere with your business or home’s decor in any way. 

Retractable Awning with Drop Screen

Who are they appropriate for?

The retractable awning with drop screen is suitable for anyone who wants to provide rain, sun, UV, heat, and glare protection. It is perfect for privacy too. The product can be residential or commercial, according to your needs. That makes it suitable for both homeowners and any business that needs weather protection and/or privacy.

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With more than four decades of experience in manufacturing, distributing, and installing retractable awnings, I aim to help every customer find the perfect retractable drop awning screen, whether for residential, commercial, institutional, government or industrial use.



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