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Roof-mounted Retractable Awning

You can install retractable awnings on different building locations like walls, eaves/soffit/overhang, roofs, rafters or fascia. You need to meet specific mounting requirements for safety and other reasons as well as functional efficiency for each installation approach. However, the architectural specifications and construction of home and commercial buildings vary, so not all methods are applicable at all times.  

Roof mount awnings are one of the more popular installation choices. What are roof mount awning systems, what are their advantages and who can benefit from them?

Roof-mounted Retractable Awning

Definition and characteristics

Choosing a suitable installation method is essential to ensure sturdiness and safety. It is crucial to consider the mounting height since it’s vital for the front bar clearance and light rain runoff.

Wall mounting is the most common method for installing a retractable cloth awning. You can use this method on any flat vertical surface like a wall, header, beam or fascia. Soffit/eave mounting is used to mount the system underneath the roofline but is not as common as wall mounting. 

Last but not least are the roof mount brackets for awnings. They are also quite popular and mainly used when wall mount installation is not applicable because the wall height is insufficient or there are wall obstructions. 

You can often see retractable roof awnings on ranch-style houses and low-pitch rooflines. They are commonly used for residential installations since most commercial buildings have more mounting options at their disposal.

You can install retractable roof awnings on virtually any roof material over the rafters at or close to the roof edge. Two bracket types are necessary for the installation – adjustable angle triangular roof brackets and universal mounting brackets. The universal bracket attaches to the adjustable triangular roof mount bracket. Their triangular roof mount bracket is fully adjustable for any angle roof, even a flat roof.

Vendors usually include an instruction manual and all the necessary assembly parts in the shipment. 

Roof-mounted Retractable Awning

Production materials

Depending on the model at hand, roof-mounted retractable awnings consist of roof brackets, folding arms, ledger board, mounting brackets, awning frame and fabric cover. They can be manually operated via a detachable hand crank or motorized with an electrical motor for effortless control. 

IMPORTANT: Your best choice is selecting non-rusting, non-corroding stainless steel roof mount brackets, bolts and nuts. I have seen many companies who offer some of these components made of regular steel that rusts over time and can cause the awning to collapse, which is a massive compromise of safety. That is why I recommend choosing 100% stainless steel brackets and assembly parts.

The frame consists of a square/torsion bar, roller tube, folding arms and a front bar that must be as lightweight but as strong as possible. The best retractable awning vendors assemble frames from 6063 aluminum, approved by the German TÜV. 

As for the awning cover, I recommend choosing water-resistant/water-repellent treated solution-dyed fabrics. Remember that European products are a much better investment than Chinese products. Fabric brands like Para, Dickson, Recasens and Sunbrella offer breathable materials that provide superior sun and light rain protection. You can be sure that they will last a long time without requiring replacement. 

Roof-mounted Retractable Awning

Roof-mounted Retractable Awning

*Non rusting stainless steel roof brackets vs regular rusted steel roof brackets

Benefits and advantages

Retractable awnings are the best solution for people who need a custom shading experience. You can enjoy your open deck in the early morning and extend the awning fabric when the sun gets too intense. Some fabric manufacturers are certified to meet European standards, and others the Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation. 

Another advantage is that you can still enjoy a functional outdoor patio area even when light rain begins. You don’t have to cancel your family get-together or send your guests away. 

Retractable awnings provide you with a relaxing entertainment zone just outside your door. High-quality awnings are tested for wind resistance and have a certified Beaufort scale rating. That means they can handle specific amounts of wind without compromising safety or being damaged.

A retractable awning roof mount is beneficial when you don’t have sufficient height for wall or soffit mounting. Retractable awning roof mount brackets are usually installed adjacent to the fascia or up to 24 inches (61cm) above the fascia, gaining even more overhead space. You also don’t have to worry about the awning trapping rain or snow between it and the roof – the water runs off freely. 

Another great benefit of the awning roof mount is that it doesn’t obstruct your windows or the view from the house or building when the fabric is partially or fully extended.

Who are they appropriate for?

Homeowners often use roof-mounted retractable awnings when they don’t have sufficient wall or soffit installation height. In such cases, roof brackets for retractable awnings come in pretty handy. Another reason to choose this installation type is an obstruction near the mounting location. An example would be a downspout on the wall.

Roof-mounted retractable awnings are suitable for homeowners with one-floor residential buildings and garages. They are not often used for commercial purposes because businesses usually have a few different installation options, more space or more floors. However, business owners can use them for their properties as well if needed.

Roof-mounted Retractable Awning

*This is an unusual installation, requiring the use of both roof mount brackets and wall mount brackets.

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