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Retractable Side Awning


Retractable side awnings are one of the less popular retractable items. However, they offer many advantages for the people who use them. You can find fabrics of different colors and sizes installed sideways and create side shades while increasing your privacy and protecting you from drizzle and debris.

Is a retractable awning a good idea?

Retractable side awnings (also called retractable side screens) are a fantastic idea for commercial and residential purposes. 

They can be a great addition to your retractable lateral arm awning and form a closed outdoor living space without building any permanent structures. However, you can also use them on their own by installing them sideways on the ground surface either wall to wall, wall to post or post to post.

Retractable Side Awning

Ways to use retractable side awnings

If you are a homeowner or a business owner looking for ways to increase the privacy of your outdoor space, a retractable side screen might be the right solution for you. 

In addition to increased privacy from passersby or prying eyes, these side walls protect you from the low sun and harmful UV rays, wind and unpleasant breeze, as well as light sideways drizzle or the neighbors’ sprinklers. 

Of course, you can retract back your side awning at any time you see fit to enjoy a more open view. But where can you use retractable side screens, and what are the different ways to use them?

As a barrier/divider or to increase privacy :

  • Beach bars
  • Sidewalk cafes
  • Private properties
  • A hot tub on a deck
  • Outdoor pools
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Kids’ activities in the backyard
  • Garden or patio
  • Shops and stands
  • Terraces and balconies

For protection from:

  • Low sun during the early and late hours of the day
  • Side drizzle and light rain
  • Spreading debris and pollen
  • Side breeze and wind
  • Harmful UV rays
  • Prying eyes
  • Curious passerby

Retractable Side Awning

Can you get an awning with sides?

While you can get entirely enclosed outdoor structures, retractable awnings are not permanent and can offer you more flexibility throughout different seasons and times of the day. Some retractable awnings come with attached drop screens or longer valances to optimize the outdoor area shading.

However, investing in retractable side awnings can help you complete your outdoor shading solution by increasing your privacy and protecting you from the elements from a different position close to the ground. Their retractable mechanism allows you to open up your views or increase privacy levels at any time. 

How do you install side awnings?

As opposed to lateral arm retractable awnings installed parallel to the ground and overhead, side awnings are installed horizontally. Depending on your available space, you can install them in a few different ways. 

One way is to attach it between two walls, another is between a wall and a floor-mounted stanchion or post, and a third option is between two floor-mounted stanchions/posts. 

Retractable Side Awning

What is a semi-cassette retractable patio side awning?

You may encounter vendors who offer semi-cassette retractable patio side awning. However, I highly recommend not to use this cassette type for side screens. 

Choosing a full-cassette retractable side awning is preferable because the mechanism and the fabric will stay protected during harsh weather conditions, and you will avoid rusting and premature and unnecessary maintenance since the unit is completely enclosed when not in use.

Are side retractable awnings good for the wind?

Most side retractable awnings are good for blocking sideways wind, and that’s why many business owners install them near outdoor pools or hot tubs where their customers can enjoy maximum comfort. 

However, I recommend always looking if the vendor’s product is TÜV product approved, CE certified and Beaufort scale rated since the Beaufort scale testing, TÜV product approval and CE certification are so far the most reliable in the retractable awning industry.


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