Company History

Subsequent to serving in the military (US Marine Corps – see picture below), in civilian life, I decided to become a retractable awning manufacturer/wholesaler. Through my many years in the industry, I noticed much misinformation both online and offline about the industry. So, when I retired, I decided as a hobby to set up Retractableawningsreviews.com for one simple reason – to help homeowners, business owners, institutions and the government make an informed decision as to which are the best retractable awning and best retractable patio pergola system companies and which companies have the best products and service in the USA and Canada.


In the marketplace today, there are many companies that tout superior quality and self or professional installation. Outcomes can range from being extremely happy or highly disappointed. Retractableawningsreviews.com solves this problem by allowing the purchaser to decide on a specific model and company not based on what a company “touts” but instead on real reviews. My vision is to provide the option for reviews on every smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop globally. This website is designed to help you, the consumer, make an informed decision about investing your hard-earned dollars in a folding lateral arm retractable awning and/or a retractable patio pergola roof cover system. Who better to get feedback from than customers of these companies?

retractable awning review usmc military picture
A picture of me as a USMC soldier


My goal is clear – to provide superior information and independent reviews to empower the public at large to make the best purchase decision possible. Retractableawningsreviews.com only collects reviews for retractable awnings and retractable patio pergola covers because fixed awnings/ permanent awnings and most other fixed/permanent products are affected by bad weather including but not limited to high winds, hail, snow load, and hurricanes. Inclement weather will not affect a retractable product since it can be closed prior to inclement weather damaging the frame and/or fabric.

Only at Retractableawningsreviews.com will you find impartial, honest and unbiased product (model specific) and brand/company reviews and opinions from homeowners, business owners, installers and the government regarding service, product, installation and guidance.


The reviews posted on this site have been contributed by retractable awning and retractable patio pergola system owners, installers, contractors and others who have had positive and negative experiences. Several reviews have been filtered out to remove vulgar language, company promotion, and what appear to be phony reviews. I offer a platform for the public at large to articulate their experiences with retractable awning and retractable deck and patio roof pergola system purchases and ownership. User content does not reflect the opinion of Retractableawningsreviews.com. I reserve the right to screen, remove, edit or reinstate user content from time to time at my sole discretion for any reason whatsoever.

Companies/manufacturers can only request to be listed on Retractableawningsreviews.com and cannot add a review or have a negative review deleted or a positive or negative review changed. Every single review is verified to be certain it is from an actual customer

Please send me any feedback that you may have so that I can improve the website and its usefulness to future visitors. Thank You!