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Retractable Folding Arm Awning Companies

Retractable folding arm awning companies

Before purchasing a retractable lateral arm awning, learn as much as you can about products and manufacturers on the market today. How do you do that? By exploring genuine, verified folding arm awning reviews from real customers and checking out my in-depth, expert guides.


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Cross arm retractable awning
Retractable company: Reviews
Model review:

Latest user review

Average rating: 5
Name: Timbo
“I’m very pleased with the purchase of this model retractable awning, impressed with the quality of the product, the resistance of the fabric to…”
Folding lateral arm retractable awning
Retractable company: Reviews
Model review:

Latest user review

Average rating: 5
Name: Alberto Iglesias MD
“Looking for a retractable awning can be like looking for a needle in a haystack! There are so many choices! I spent hours reading…”
Folding lateral arm retractable awning
Retractable company: Reviews
Model review:
Palermo Plus

Latest user review

Average rating: 5
Name: Allison Marks
“I was so surprised by the quality and ratings of this retractable awning model. It has a beautiful Italian design that fits in perfectly…”

Lateral Arm Awnings 101

Lateral arm awnings are simple: They attach to an existing structure (like a wall, fascia, soffit/eave/overhang or roof) and use two or more lateral arms to stretch a shade or fabric cover across an area.

All  lateral arm awnings are retractable — you can pull the shade in or out to create more shade or reduce the amount of shade, prepare for inclement weather (light rain), or customize your outdoor facade on the fly. 

Finding the best folding arm awnings is all about finding factual knowledge from experts and exploring real customer reviews — and I provide both here at Retractable Awnings Reviews.

Folding Arm Awning Reviews

While information from manufacturers can be skewed with marketing-heavy details, customer reviews often offer an unbiased take on products and services: information you can use to find the best folding arm awnings. 

The products and manufacturers covered on this site are ranked based on real feedback from consumers just like you. I’ve compiled folding arm awning reviews to help you make a purchase based on real customer experiences, and our expert guides can arm you with even more valuable info.


Still have questions about finding the best folding arm awning? Check out the answers to customer FAQs below (and check out our full FAQ for even more information).

Simply put, retractable awnings are an excellent investment.

  • They can increase your property’s curb appeal and create a unique silhouette.
  • They can help you save money on utilities by limiting heat infiltration into windows and doors, keeping spaces cooler.
  • They can protect other outdoor assets like patio furniture, rugs, TVs, and artwork from the elements.

The answer depends on a few factors:

  • The type  – Some types are simply more long-lasting than others. Models specifically designed for stormy weather and high wind resistance can last longer than types that only consider shade.
  • The materials – You can extend the life of your retractable awning by choosing high-quality, durable materials like rugged non-corroding aluminum and/or steel (galvanized steel when possible) . In addition, choose materials that are easy to repair and maintain so that you can fix your product if it breaks rather than replacing it entirely.
  • The installation – Professional installation can ensure that your awning withstands the test of time, but not all providers are created equally. Check out our list of awning companies to learn more about the best manufacturers and installers on the market. Most installations can be handled by the homeowner or business owner as long as they have previously completed other home improvement and repair projects. Experience using a measuring tape, drill, different types of drill bits and fasteners, a level etc. are a must!

As you shop, consider:

  • Materials – Look for awnings made from certified, high-quality, durable materials including the frame, fabric, thread, motor and accessories.
  • Retraction tech – Some awnings are manual; others are motorized. Consider your preference and look for the most rugged retraction tech possible including European stainless steel chains and European springs in the arms.
  • Price – Browse a wide variety of products to get a feel for product value and set a realistic budget. Quality in the awning and pergola industry is most definitely equated with price. Spend more and you’ll receive higher quality. Look for value and don’t look for a low price!
  • Warranties – Many manufacturers offer warranties on their products (or individual components like fabric, thread, motors and frames). Choose products with warranties that meet your needs and communicate confidence. Without a doubt, the longer the warranty the higher the quality. Look for non-prorated warranties and don’t pay extra for an extended warranty.
  • Aesthetics – Your awning can be as unique as the rest of your property. Choose a product that contributes positively and beautifies your outdoor facade.

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