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Backyard Retractable Awning


A backyard is a key highlight for every residence and an easy way to create a feeling that your house is in a faraway rural area. Most people prefer to use their backyard as an outdoor dining area with a place to prepare delicious meals and fire up the BBQ. 

Others transform their outdoor space into a zen meditation area where they can spend time for themselves.

Backyard transformation ideas are countless – outdoor summer theaters, relaxation zones, places for entertainment or physical activities and many more. However, one thing doesn’t change. Whatever your backyard’s purpose, you want it to be a functional area where one can enjoy their time during summer. And what better way to achieve that than installing a retractable awning?

Backyard Retractable Awning

What are backyard retractable awnings?

Backyard retractable awnings are a fantastic outdoor shading and light rain solution for your backyard. They resemble traditional fixed awnings, but instead of staying stationary, you can retract the cover under a hood/cover, into a cassette when not needed, or extend it to protect you from the sun when you need shade. 

Some retractable awnings have superior functionality and allow you to adjust them according to your preferences and the current weather conditions. They are preferred by millions of people who want to provide shade and UV protection for their friends, family, pets and outdoor furniture. 


Installing a retractable awning for your residence’s backyard has numerous benefits. Let’s see some of the key advantages you get along with such a purchase.

A protected outdoor living space

After mounting your awning, you can use your backyard space even on scorching hot days and still get to enjoy it. Not only do you get the desired shade, but you also don’t stop fresh air from entering the protected area because high-quality solution-dyed acrylic fabrics such as Para Tempotest are breathable materials. 

You get sun protection, UV ray protection and, depending on the model, wind and light rain protection for you, your family, pets, visitors and even outdoor rugs and furniture. 


As opposed to fixed awnings, a retractable awning adds functionality to your outdoor space regardless of weather conditions. You can extend the fabric on sunny days and retract it if it rains heavily or strong winds start to approach. 

Maybe you want to let more sun in during the colder months to save on heating bills by retracting your awning or save on air conditioning bills by extending it during the summer. These are all possibilities that traditional stationery (a/k/a permanent) awnings do not offer.

Design and mounting options

Another important benefit of retractable backyard awnings is the unlimited number of design options and various installation types. Depending on your building’s structure and available space, you can mount a retractable awning in various ways. 

The options include:

  • Wall-mounted 
  • Roof-mounted 
  • Soffit/overhang/eave
  • Rafter and fascia and beam mounting

When talking about design, you have an unlimited amount of different colors, patterns, stripes, tweeds and valance styles you can choose from. Retractable awning fabric covers are highly customizable, so you can choose the perfect style that compliments your backyard, and the overall building looks.

Backyard Retractable Awning

Who are they appropriate for?

Backyard retractable awnings are suitable for anyone with a private backyard they want to enjoy more often. That includes homeowners and small businesses like local cafes or pubs that want to create a more enjoyable atmosphere for their clients. 

However, with this shading solution, people are not limited by their building structures or outdoor spaces. You can find thousands of models of retractable patio awnings or deck awnings online. You can create an entire outdoor shading system for your house or business by combining overhead awnings with retractable side screens.

Can you install them yourself?

Most eCommerce platforms offer budget backyard retractable awnings that you can easily install if you have the appropriate equipment and handy skills. They typically come with an installation instruction manual. 

If you want a high-quality retractable awning for your home that will last you a lifetime, you’ll need to invest more. In that case, you can either use the vendor’s installation services or hire a local contractor to do the job for you or DIY as long as you are handy. 

By hiring an awning company or a local contractor, you avoid any potential risks related to safety or awning/building damage. Furthermore, your warranty most likely won’t cover you if you’ve made a mistake while installing the product.

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