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Millions of people prefer aluminum-framed pergolas with retractable shades to expand their living space. These pergolas transform your backyard, patio, or garden into a functional zone allowing your family, friends and customers to enjoy a drink, a snack, or entertainment activities. 

When equipped with a retractable roof, aluminum pergolas bring style, simplicity, and functionality to your home or business. Depending on the roof materials, they add privacy and protect you from the sun, rain, wind, and snow in the case of an aluminum rotating or retractable louvered roof pergola.

Aluminum Pergola with а Retractable Roof

Definition and characteristics

Aluminum pergola frames are an excellent choice for the production of pergolas because they are long-lasting and durable, simple yet elegant and can be electrostatically powder-coated in an unlimited choice of RAL colors.

Pergola structures on their own don’t protect you from the sun, glare, or rain. That’s why the European models come with unique fabric retractable roofs that protect you from skin damaging UV rays, sun, glare and light or heavy rain, even hail.

Pergola retractable and rotating aluminum roofs use retractable or rotating louver blades. These aluminum panels withstand snow, wind, heavy rain, hail and sun. On the other side, a retractable canopy roof uses high-quality fabrics that extend and retract from one end of the top horizontal or angled beams to the other. 

In both cases, you can quickly retract the roof structure using a motor to enjoy the stars at night without any effort whatsoever.  

Do you want to enjoy your outdoor space both during a hot summer day and rainy weather? An aluminum pergola with a retractable roof might be the perfect choice for you.

Aluminum Pergola with а Retractable Roof

Production materials

The primary production material of the posts/columns and beams/guides of aluminum pergolas is aluminum with the assembly hardware being stainless steel. Aluminum is an excellent pergola material because of its lightweight qualities (making it easy to install) and high resistance to weather and external forces. 

Pergola roof systems can also be other types of retractable covers. Solution-dyed fabrics include UV rays and sun and glare protection qualities but are not waterproof. PVC  is waterproof and protects from the rain in addition to the sun but tends to mildew easily. You can also choose an aluminum pergola roof made of insulated aluminum panels/slats or louvers that can withstand more severe conditions like snow and thunderstorms.

Aluminum Pergola with а Retractable Roof

Benefits and advantages

Aluminum pergola retractable roof systems have many benefits and advantages for residential outdoor living or commercial spaces. 

The aluminum frame pergola is a stylish solution and brings modern appeal to patios, decks, terraces, or backyards. A broad color palette allows you to choose matching tones complementing your overall outdoor design. The best manufacturing companies apply powder coating to aluminum, so it lasts longer.

The aluminum material requires almost no maintenance. It lasts through rain, sunshine, wind, and snow because of its durability and strength. The best pergola frames have invisible built-in drainage systems that redirect the water away from the functional area.

Using aluminum pergola retractable roofs, you can create extraordinary comfort in hot and rainy seasons. Enjoy a relaxing dining or entertainment zone together with your family, friends or customers.

Who are they appropriate for

If you admire stylish designs, an aluminum pergola with a rotating or retractable louvered roof orretractable fabric roof might be just the right choice for you. Whether you own a high-end restaurant with a patio area or are just looking for the best layout in your beautiful backyard, these pergolas will exceed l your expectations.

The broad color palette of aluminum patio pergolas offers a variety of tones, hues, and tints suitable for any taste. For example, white aluminum pergolas are popular and commonly used for patios, pool areas, and café bars.

The rust-proof aluminum features make aluminum pergola frames excellent for placing near pools, hot tubs, the ocean, sea or other bodies of water. Suppose you need protection from the harshest weather conditions. In that case, you might want to consider an aluminum louver roof pergola. If you only need UV-ray, sun, heat and glare protection and waterproof qualities, go for the retractable fabric canopy roofs.

Aluminum Pergola with а Retractable Roof

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