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Best retractable awnings for rain by Retractable Awnings Reviews

The 5 Best Retractable Awnings for Rain

Retractable awnings are very popular for sun and UV protection. Many people install them on their homes or business premises mainly for summer use, but quite a lot of them ask, “Do awnings protect from rain?” and “Can you use an awning in the rain?”.

It is crucial to distinguish between light rain and heavy rain protection here. Attached and freestanding retractable pergolas have strong support structures allowing the use of heavier fabrics, guides or tracks and louver-roofs that can handle heavy rain, intense storms and even snow loads (louvered roofs only) and hail.

The 5 Best Retractable Awnings for Rain

On the other hand, folding lateral arm awnings rely exclusively on their frame and extending spring-loaded, lateral arms attached to the wall/roof/soffit/beam, etc. They do not have extra support in the form of front posts/columns, and thus cannot handle heavy fabrics or accumulated loads. But did you know that the best retractable outdoor awnings can protect you from light rain and drizzle assuming enough pitch/angle is placed on the arms/fabric?

The 5 Best Retractable Awnings for Rain

Models and brands

The best retractable patio awnings have multiple protection qualities, including sun, heat, glare, UV-ray, and light rain protection. It is essential to know the best retractable awning brands prior to purchase. Retractable Awnings Reviews conducted research intending to find the best retractable awning for light rain.

We looked into different awning models from the best awning brands and compared them based on their characteristics, differences, pros and cons. We selected the five best motorized retractable awnings for light rain which two vendors offer. 

Here is the list:

  1. – Palermo Plus

  2. – Venezia

  3. – Roma

  4. Shadetree Canopies – Shan

  5. Shadetree Canopies – Svet

Retractable folding lateral arm awning – Commercial video


Before getting into details about each model and brand’s light rain protection qualities, it is best to discuss their general features.

Palermo Plus

Palermo Plus is one of the most significant lateral arm awning models offered by and is one of the best value electric awnings currently available. You can customize this model up to 52’6″ in width, 13’6″ projection and 70° pitch. It comes with a high-quality 6063 aluminum frame, 316 marine grade stainless steel assembly components and quality fabric brands: Para Tempotest, Dickson, Recasens and Sunbrella. The frame is TÜV Product Approved and CE Certified. offers the Palermo model meeting all of the above certifications that allow for a projection greater than or equal to the width using a cross arm kit.


Venezia is a full cassette, fully enclosed state-of-the-art light rain awning for deck by The largest size you can get is 39’4″ in width, 13’2″ projection and up to 40° pitch. For this manual or motorized model, you can choose a fabric brand from Para Tempotest, Dickson, Recasens or Sunbrella. The Venezia is assembled using a high-quality 6063 aluminum frame, 316 marine grade stainless steel assembly components and is TÜV Product Approved and CE Certified.


Roma is another retractable patio awning for light rain by You can purchase it in sizes up to 39’4″ in width and 16′ projection (largest in the world) with a 45° pitch. Like the previous models, Roma’s production materials are high-quality non-rusting aluminum and stainless steel, with the option to choose from four fabric brands. The Roma frame is also TÜV Product Approved and CE Certified.


Shan is a wall-mount-only motorized retractable awning offered by ShadeTree canopies. The largest possible size is 23′ in width and 13’6″ projection, and you can adjust the pitch up to 40°. Available fabric brands are Para Tempotest, Recacril, Sunbrella and AirFlow MESH.


Svet is another retractable roll arm awning by ShadeTree, with a maximum width of 23′ and 13’8″ projection. The pitch is adjustable up to 65°. Available fabrics are from Para Tempotest, Recasens, Sunbrella and AirFlow MESH.

The 5 Best Retractable Awnings for Rain

Fabrics, pitch and light rain protection

Although you can purchase all five models with different fabric brands (Para Tempotest, Sunbrella, Recasens, Dickson or AirFlow MESH), keep in mind that Para Tempotest is the standard fabric. So if you don’t choose another brand, and ShadeTree will send your awning with a Para Tempotest fabric. Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss the brand.

Para is an Italian brand that partners with Teflon™ to create their unique Teflon™ Extreme finishing process for their Tempotest® fabrics. This finishing process involves bathing the material in the Teflon™ Extreme surface treatment, which protects the fabric and repels water and oil-based liquids from it. It acts as a barrier between the fabric and the water, dirt and dust. This finishing is also sanitized to avoid mold formation in case of water pooling.

Pooling is rainwater accumulation when there isn’t a minimum pitch for the water to run off or when the fabric isn’t under enough tension and creates folds or rippling. The slope of the awning is essential for sufficient water runoff. The higher the pitch angle, the better and more efficient the water runoff. If you use your retractable roof for light rain conditions, adjusting it to a more elevated pitch angle is better.

Teflon EXTREME by Parà Fabric Protector (ENGLISH)


While you can use all of the above retractable awnings for light rain protection, UV-rays, heat and sun glare protection, you need to consider some differences. These two vendors offer different fabric brands you can choose from, but a common similarity is that they all use Para Tempotest as a standard. This fabric comes with a ten-year warranty period. 

We present all of the models’ differences in the table below. Palermo Plus offers the largest width, and Roma has the most significant projection size. Palermo Plus  and Svet  offer the highest pitch adjustment angle out of the five models. 

You can purchase all models either with the manual or motorized operation, except for Shan, which only comes motorized. Another difference is the mounting options. With Palermo Plus, Venezia, Roma and Svet, you can use either a wall, roof, beams/rafters, fascia or soffit/eave/overhang, while if you choose Shan, you need to mount it on a wall.

The 5 Best Retractable Awnings for Rain

 Size (width/projection)Pitch angleOperationMountingStandard fabricFabric warranty
Palermo Plus52’6”/13’6”0°- 70°Manual/MotorizedWall, soffit/eave/overhang, roof, side of a rafter, fascia or beamPara Tempotest10 years
Venezia39’4”/13’2”0°- 40°Manual/MotorizedWall, soffit/eave/overhang, roof, side of a rafter, fascia or beamPara Tempotest10 years
Roma39’4”/16’0°- 45°Manual/MotorizedWall, soffit/eave/overhang, roof, side of a rafter, fascia or beamPara Tempotest10 years
Shan23’/13’6”0°- 40°Motorized onlyWallPara Tempotest10 years
Svet23’/13’8”0°- 65°Manual/MotorizedWall, soffit/eave/overhang, roof, side of a rafter or beamPara Tempotest10 years

Venezia folding lateral arm full cassette residential retractable awning

Pros and Cons

The pros of the five best retractable awnings for rain are the simultaneous rain and sun protection abilities. You can enjoy these awnings in the harsh blazing sun during summer and the light rain drizzles during spring and summer. 

The canopies will protect your furniture and deck from getting wet and moldy. Another great benefit is the ability to retract the awning or adjust the pitch at any time you wish. If you want to enjoy fresh air during light rain, simply increase the pitch. If a more significant storm and heavy rain approaches, retract the awning back to safety.

A con might be the higher initial price since these quality awnings are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic with a protective finishing coating. These materials last longer, offer light rain protection and do not absorb oily stains or create mold. These factors significantly increase the products’ life and allow you to enjoy your purchase for years to come.

The 5 Best Retractable Awnings for Rain

Which one to choose and why?

The presented awnings in this blog post are high-quality products best for sun, glare, heat, UV-ray and light rain protection. In addition, they do not stain easily and are mold-resistant. If those are your requirements, any of these products will satisfy your needs but from a quality standpoint, the 3 models from are without a doubt the best and offer the best non-prorated 25-year warranty in the business.

To choose the best retractable awning for light rain for you, consider your individual needs. What kind of area do you want to cover? How much available space do you have for mounting, mount type, width and projection needed etc.? Do you want a manual or motorized awning? What is your budget? Answering these questions will help you make the right choice and enjoy your purchase for a long time.