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Found the S Series awning from Advaning on sale at a discount store. It was a great price, so I bought it. When I got it home, I went online to check the reviews, which were not so good. I just hoped mine wasn’t the lemon. The box was banged up, but when I opened it, the awning looked fine. The packaging was intact so it may not have been a return and it had the instruction manual. The mounting brackets were straight forward, but make sure you measure accurately, so you have some wiggle room when sliding in the main bar. The crank rolls the awning out with difficult. A brick wall isn’t very forgiving. The aluminum arms open and support the front bar at the angle you set. The solid boring beige canopy is acceptable, I’d have preferred the stripes, but beggars can’t be picky. It covers the deck, window and sliding door from the sun which is what I wanted it for.