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Shirley Granieri

I’d been looking for a motorized awning for my mother. She enjoys being out on her patio but finds the sun too hot now. I was at a local trade show and was really impressed with the integrity of the Shadetree Shan model even though it is expensive. I did some research, read reviews and testimonials, and checked the ratings too. Needless to say, I bought two! An 18-foot wide for my mother and a 20-foot wide for me! We went with the max projection of 13’-6” on both. The shade coverage is great, no front posts or poles to work around, and we were able to have the pitch angle adjusted at my mom’s to suit her needs better. The canopy is fully enclosed in a unique, rectangular cassette style housing which protects the awning fabric from the elements, rodents and critters, so less maintenance concerns. I also got the anemometer type wind sensors for both, the wall switch for my mom and the remote and smartphone / tablet control with timers for me. My mom really loves here awning. She spends hours outside now on her patio, and I think her health is improving too. I only wish I could spend as much time under mine!