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Marvin & Hannah Harrison

Hannah and I bought a house in a new subdivision. The back yard is about 20’x20’ and has an 8-foot privacy fence around it. There really isn’t any privacy as everybody’s second story looks into everyone’s yards. The sun also reflects off all the houses and bakes everything. We have a 16’x 8’ BBQ deck but it’s too hot to use when the sun’s out. We bought a 16’x10’ Aleko awning discounted by 25%. It was fairly easy to mount to the wall even though it was shipped without English installation instructions and a warranty.
The only instructions in the box were in Chinese. Banged my arm the first couple of times I cranked it open, and it only cuts a little of the sun and heat off the deck and French doors. Not sure how it will stand up to Florida’s intense sun and ultraviolet UV rays and the grill smoke, but it makes my weekends better although the supposed aluminum frame has already begun to pit and rust. Hannah called Aleko for a replacement but they said pitting and rusting of the frame is not covered under warranty. I advise you don’t buy Aleko