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Robert and Diana Olson

Purchased a 20’ awning and sunshades on June 30th. Was told they would arrive in 2 weeks, maybe a couple of days later due the July 4th holiday. They finally arrived 1 month later, however, parts were missing and 1 large sunshade did not have the proper parts. Was told everything would be there in 1 week. Over 2 weeks later the parts arrived but nearly another week elapsed before the installation could be completed. We paid a premium price and all the Sunesta Awning factory did was make excuses for the delays. The installers were professional but there was little they could do without the correct parts. There are other awnings out there and I would highly recommend that you do your research before you commit. We went with a local retailer mainly because we had done business with them previously. Don’t buy a Sunesta retractable awning or retractable shades! Very expensive and too many headaches.