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J. Gould

As a DIY guy for 30 years, I’m pretty handy. This Chinese Aleko awning, now nicknamed the devil, took me to the task and defeated my best efforts 🙁 I called support and was told that the 24-minute video was edited down to 8 minutes by the higher-ups, but he agreed that the online and provided instruction are severely lacking. Most of the pieces did not fit without a mallet and smashing it on the cement, not how one assembles aluminium products. Overall engineering and quality are very poor and lacking. Should I have expected more from a product from China? Probably not! We decided to return this awning after the aluminium brackets broke and the awning hit my wife and me in the head as it fell on us. The customer service was severely lacking, and in addition, it could not make up for the deficits in the product itself. They also charged me a 15% restocking fee, but that’s cheaper than an MRI or a head CatScan. Avoid Aleko at all costs.