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Janet Foster

I purchased the Advaning L Series for one of my rental properties. I wanted something to spruce up the look of the rental and hopefully, attract a more upscale renter. I’d read the testimonials, so when a local supplier had a sale, the price was right and within my budget. I’m a DIYer, and the video and reviews made it sound easy to install. It was not easy to install mostly because the written installation instructions were in Chinese and not in English! It would cover a small deck and protect the window from the sun’s heat too. The installation was reasonably difficult so I recommend having help especially if it is a larger awning. Everything needed for installation was included except the lag bolts. Had I known that before starting to install I would have purchased them prior to beginning the install. I like the cover that protects the fabric from the elements, rodents, squirrels and bird’s nests. The metal parts are aluminum, so it shouldn’t rust. I’m hoping it’s durable and long lasting like a few people state on the web.