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My wife and I wanted to enjoy our new patio more this past summer, so we checked the reviews and net consumer testimonials, and chatted with different awning suppliers in our area. Based on what we read and heard, we went with the 22-foot wide Bella Plus from KE Durasol. It’s a KE Outdoor SunCassette model. The front bar or rail is curved, so it fits into the awning housing or cassette to help fully seal out the weather, birds, squirrels, and lizards, and therefore it protects the awning fabric better. With the full cassette, we didn’t get the valance, but I’d rather have the awning fully protected than have a frilly piece of fabric fluttering in the wind when it’s open or closed. The aluminum arms are light and delicate but look like they can support the awning in the breezes we have. The electric motor opens or closes the awning quickly and quietly at the push of a button. Although the KE Durasol dealer was 1 1/2 hours late for the installation appointment and didn’t even call to say he was running late, I am cautiously happy with our expensive purchase and am looking forward to enjoying our patio even more.