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Bill Bryant

Our summer cabin is small but has a large deck. We didn’t want to get a permit to build a permanent cover over it, so we bought a 16’x10’ Advaning retractable awning. The ratings were just ok though the sale price even better. We liked that it was boxed for shipping and fully assembled ready to hang. The brackets weren’t too difficult to install, and then we just slid the main bar in. The cabin is 16’ wide, so when we open the canopy up, the fabric covers the entire area and keeps the sun off the whole wall, door and windows making it cooler inside. The arms support the front bar at a good angle, and it all retracts into a steel housing to protect the fabric. Actually, this product is not “just ok”, it is downright pitiful in terms of quality. The frame is rusted after being up for less than 6 months and the fabric has begun to rot. Advaning says the rusting of the frame and the rotting of the fabric are not covered by the warranty. We definitely don’t recommend Advaning retractable awnings!