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Hank Vanderweele

Bought this manual awning as a housewarming gift for my sister. It was on clearance, so the price was right. According to the reviews, it’s easy to install, the fabric of reasonable quality, and easy to operate. I didn’t want an electric one as the house has no outlet on the deck side. Installation took a bit longer than planned. You want to leave enough room under the roof to attach the awning to the mounts. The canopy opens and needs a lot of effort, so my sister will build up some muscles closing it. The adjustable angle is a nice feature, not sure how often my sister will use it though. The aluminum arms work quietly but are very flimsy for supporting the fabric weight. The fabric is also thin and as I discovered recently doesn’t even shed rainwater from a sprinkle. In fact, water runs through the fabric. The striped fabric gave the deck a fresh look and brought a smile to my sister’s face, so maybe it’s worth it…..I guess. We’ll see!