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Andrew Baird

Had a wooden canopy behind our ol’ house. Had it there ever since we bought the house. It provided nice shade during summer and a wee bit of protection from drizzles. But it has seen better days and became rickety so we had to tear it down. I saw the Aleko motorized patio awning which was big enough to cover the area of the previous canopy. I ordered the 20 ft by 20 ft black model. It’s a wee bit slow to retract, but I’m in no hurry. The aluminum frames appear nicely painted but don’t seem strong enough…I hope it can last a few storms even if I forget to retract it especially since the fabric is sewn with polyester which I know deteriorates easily – the mind wanders sometimes. Lastly, I wish it could have been a couple of feet longer since it doesn’t cover the whole patio. Next time I’ll go for a custom awning of much higher quality.