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The best business investment I believe I’ve made was the Bioclimatique patio cover awning. It expanded my outdoor patio to a year-round addition, with minimal investment! The retractable louvers rotate 165 degrees to offer shade wherever the sun is. Plus, they close tight to form a waterproof roof for my customers and have built-in gutters to allow the water to drain easily from the bottom of the posts instead of it splashing down on the floor.

My amazing staff and customers rave about our Bioclimatique model awning! The rain sensor automatically closes the louvers keeping my restaurant customers, employees, heaters, ceiling fans, and furniture dry. I even have customers who deliberately come to enjoy the gentle sound of the rain while they eat and drink!

I chose the Bioclimatique model because it’s designed to withstand heavy rains, hail, even hurricane winds, and snow! However, the framework is lightweight in appearance looking but very durable. Aesthetically, it enhances my establishment and has more than paid for itself by expanding my service area no matter the weather.

The consumer testimonials I read online were all positive, and my Architect and Landscape Architect were really pleased with the environmental ratings too. I endorse all the positive reviews and encourage the purchase of the Bioclimatique model awning for your business or home.