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Eugene Cooperstein

I have a small cabin and was told by the local homeowners association I couldn’t build a roof over my porch, so I ordered a Sunsetter awning. I wanted to cover as much of the porch as possible, so went with the XL model. It almost covers the porch when open. We got the red brick fabric. It attracts lots of attention and makes it easier in the summer to sit on the deck. We even leave it open in light rain and sit outdoors although mist and rain do come through the fabric. We do get wet some depending on where we sit. The remote works if you can find it as it is very small. However, the motor is louder than I expected, and not as quick to open or close the awning as I thought it would be. The fabric also has a sag in it that collects rainwater in, so we will be replacing it with Para Tempotest fabric that I am told will not sag.

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