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Emilía Einarsson

Our motorized DIY Retractable Awning Suncover 4000 model has been up for a month now, and we’ve enjoyed the shade almost every day. I’m glad I went with the motor after reading the reviews and literature. At the end of the day, I don’t want a workout with the crank! The ordering was difficult as items available are not explained or shown properly. The color of the fabric was different on my laptop and my husband’s tablet, so we weren’t sure what it would look like until we opened the shipping package. We didn’t notice the sample request section until after we’d ordered. It’s in the replacement section but not the order area, a very poor website design. The motor starts quiet but gets louder and louder the longer it runs, especially when it retracts the awning. The shade created is comforting and makes our time outside more relaxing.