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Sharon Bell

We have an awesome west facing deck, but the umbrella blocks the view and threatens to fall every time even with the slightest amount of wind. Some friends have a retractable awning and as it worked for them, so I bought one too. Mine is the Best Choice Products 98”x80” model. I did read some of the reviews and testimonials on installation in general but still the installation was quite tricky for my husband. The awning frame mounted to the wall with some work, similar to what is stated in some of the cyberspace reviews. I’ve been using it for six months but still not quite sure about the quality of the frame although we know the situation with the awning fabric – it leaks even when we have a rain drizzle! I guess you get what you pay for as this awning was low in price. I’ll see how it goes when weather conditions get warmer and will do some updates regarding this awning.