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Billy Parker

Our condo has a westward exposure and the sun beats in 2 double patio doors making it too bright and hot. We like the view out the windows and didn’t want curtains, so we read up on some awnings and checked ratings. We lucked out when a big box store flyer announced a sale. The discount price was the tipping point. The 16’x10’ Aleko awning was big enough to cover the two patio doors and even shade outdoor living furniture. We tucked it up under the overhang to protect from the weather, even if the fabric is water resistant. Plugged it in, pushed the button, and the electric motor extended the canopy automatically. The angle isn’t quite right, and there’s no adjustment option – poor design. Also the fabric is cheaply made and let’s tons of heat come through it. Guess the best retractable awning price doesn’t mean the best retractable awning product. Next time, I’ll buy a custom made retractable awning with Sunbrella awning fabric from an online manufacturer like