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Luke Ashey

I needed an awning to shade my patio and window sliders. We get a lot of afternoon sun and it really cooks if we’re relaxing outside. I’m not sure about the pricing at my local DIY store, but the 12-foot Advaning C Series model was on sale and only $100 more than the 8-foot one. So I went with the 12-foot.

The Asian retractable awning in the C Series has a manual crank and Asian acrylic fabric cover. The fabric isn’t waterproof, which is a disadvantage. The install was pretty much like other customers wrote in their internet testimonials. The aluminum frame is quite light, with very thin extrusions, so I’m a bit worried if it’ll support the fabric like the manufacturer states. It covers the deck and helps keep the sun off the window sliders and deck which was the basic plan. Other than the above disappointments, I’ve not that much to complain about yet. Will be able to give some updates a little bit later.