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Anthony Capponi

I purchased S Series after reading ratings. It was more expensive than some, but not as expensive as others. The testimonials spoke about its installation, lighter weight, durability, and quality of the fabric. Now that the awning has been installed for about a year and a half, the higher cost was not worth it as the paint on the frame has already begun to peel and the fabric has begun to mildew. Installation wasn’t difficult (well…maybe a little). I mounted it just under the soffit so it would have some protection from the weather. I don’t want the fabric to rot or any metal to rust, but we’ll see. The awning opens with difficulty with the manual crank, and the aluminum arms support the front bar at the pre-set angle. However, you can change the pitch to reduce the sun’s glare as it sets. You need to return it to the pre-set angle before closing, and it’s easier to do if you half close the awning. It is also more difficult to close than open. After the season I’ll let you know if it was worth the extra cost, but so far I don’t think so due to the paint peeling and poor caliber fabric.