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Ronnie Nguyen

I’ve had my Sunjoy Marquise motorized awning purchased from Home Depot for several months. Installation instructions were of no help since they are in Chinese and not English, so I watched several video clips for install hints. The 14’x10’ canopy retracts into a half cassette with the push of a button. I realized a half cassette is of no help since the awning is still exposed to the elements. I should have ordered a full cassette retractable awning instead. The motor was noisier than I expected. I actually checked to make sure all my mounting bolts were tight. It sounds like a vibration of either the motor or the arms but not something I can fix. The powder coating steel (not aluminum) frame does scratch. I accidentally nicked mine with a wrench. You can adjust the pitch but use a helper to hold the arms up. It’s not an easy or quick adjustment. The fabric isn’t water resistant or waterproof and does sag if it gets wet, so we roll it up before it rains. Home Depot should not be selling this crappy Asian product!