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Vinnie Benedetto DDS

I was really impressed reading the consumer testimonials and reviews for the Denizli patio cover awning. The comments about the solid looking powder coated aluminum frame and posts, built in gutter system, retractable waterproof fabric canopy, and all the options and accessories plus the 25-year non-prorated warranty sold me on the product.

I went with the optional hood to protect the awning from bird poop, squirrels, possums’, and rain and snow collecting in the folds of fabric when not extended and in use. With a Beaufort wind load rating of 63 mph for my size and protection from UV and heavy rains, I can use my patio almost year-round! I considered getting the side retractable screens too, but with no close neighbors, I opted for the optional lighting system. It sure adds an ambiance to my evening entertaining!

The Denizli model retractable pergola has a maximum projection of 22’11” and a maximum width of over 42’+, so my 40′ width and 20′ projection was no problem. The 25-year warranty and corrosion proof components make this an investment you can expect to enjoy for the long term.

I’m very pleased with the workmanship, detail and finishes; the manufacturer takes pride in their product. I highly suggest the Denizli model to cover your outdoor living entertainment space at your home or business.