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We have a commercial property that just opened, a Bistro with a small patio. The proprietor asked if we’d install an awning to cover it. We checked what was available locally, and chose the Advaning model. We do most of the maintenance ourselves, so we wanted something a DIYer could do. The installation was a bit difficult; however, the wall brackets to mount it were included except one was missing so we had to wait for a new bracket to be shipped from China. It opens and closes with the push of a button, and covers the patio protecting patrons from the sun. The color compliments the building and adds a modern touch to the Bistro. The canopy is supported by spring loaded aluminum arms when extended, and it all retracts into a metal cover to protect the fabric from the elements. This model has not stood up to daily use so we will looked on this review site and others and found the best quality to be from We will order from them for our other commercial properties.