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Stewart Rees

We’ve been enjoying the Nu Image K300 retractable awning at our country cottage for six weeks now. It was cheaper to do myself than hire the closest installer from 4 hours away. The instructions aren’t of much use, so my helper (our neighbour) and I watched several videos. We mounted the brackets to a wood header board first using countersunk through bolts and then installed the header board level up near the roof. The instruction diagram shows a 7-1/4” space needed for tilting the awning cassette into the brackets. Not much wiggle room or finger space as we found – found out our soffits aren’t level. Probably didn’t need an awning with a cassette, but the hope is it will keep the fabric cleaner and deter birds, squirrels, bats and bugs from getting to the cover. The motor works, but is noisier than hoped for. Hopefully, it lasts. What we know won’t last is the frame as the arms have started to corrode at the elbows.