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Matthew Turner

I picked up a 10’x9’ Sunsetter Vista manual awning. Not many color choices were available. However, the sale price was the deciding factor. It took me most of a day to install, and I put up a wood plank to mount it to so it was secured to the wall better. The lateral arms extend with the crank, which was a lot more difficult to turn than expected. Hopefully, it gets easier with use. Sunsetter tells me it won’t. It also takes two people to adjust the pitch (using a manual pitch adjustment), and even then it’s not an easy task; not something I’ll be doing more than once. The fabric has a lot of sag when fully extended. I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse because it has already started to collect rain water. I was told by a representative at Sunsetter that the springs in the arms are from China which means they are definitely not the best in the industry.