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Mason Washington

I ended up with a hunter green awning after reading reviews and checking out Advaning’s ratings. I know manual models can be difficult to close, so I chose the motorized one even though it costs a little more. The reviews said the canvas material was heavy and durable, and that it has metal parts. I wanted something that was going to last and not need replacing anytime soon. Unfortunately, this was not the product I expected. Installation was a bit more difficult, and the unit too heavy to lift by myself, so have extra help. Once everything was attached and plugged in, it was just a matter of pushing a button. The fabric unrolled fairly quickly, and the aluminum arms opened up and made a lot of noise. The awning covers my outdoor dining area and keeps the sun off the window. The testimonials I read prior to my purchase were piteous but I purchased because of low price….I won’t do that again. Now that the awning has been up for about 1 year, I am starting to see rust on the “aluminum non-rusting” frame and the fabric has faded to almost white. Advaning is most definitely not a brand I would advise that anyone purchase.