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Heather Hayes

I purchased a 12’x10’ C Series for my patio after checking out reviews. I also watched some videos, so I knew what to expect. I wanted a manually operated product so I wouldn’t have to worry about installing an outlet, plus they had a fabric color that would complement my house. It was shipped to my address, and all I had to do was install it. My brother and I spent a Saturday installing it. The hardest part was aligning the brackets and securing them to the brick wall. Once that was done, the rest went as expected. The semi-cassette housing looks just average against the house, and the acrylic fabric rolls out with the turn of the crank. The aluminum arms extend as it rolls out and supports the front bar. It keeps the sun off my patio, and our beverages stay cool longer. Hoping it survives the summer because it is an Asian product and appears cheaply made.