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Mark Moretti

Why did I give the Aleko 10’x13’ retractable awning one star for Caliber/Quality, no stars for Assistance/Service and one star for Affordability?

Caliber/Quality? I don’t know what that means because of what it took to assemble and mount. I won’t open it a second time because of how I felt after I opened it the first time.
Assistance/Service? I didn’t need or request any so I have no idea why I would give it any but I couldn’t submit this until all the fields were filled.
Affordability? It always costs a lot when you think you didn’t get much for your time and money.

I was going to explain the problems with the assembly but it would take too long to write or read. Suffice to say the instructions were very poor and there were not nearly enough pictures — diagrams — given the complexity of the awning assembly. It was also really difficult to mount on the side of my house.

I watched a couple of YouTube’s to see how others did it and I find it hard to believe they put it together and up as easily as it appeared. I will say that I didn’t think that the two wall mounts were enough to hold it up, given the size and weight of the boxes. I ordered two extra mounts and was glad I did. I’m still not convinced two mounts were enough but adding two more made it also made it more difficult; they have to be attached to the frame then lifted into place exactly where the pre-drilled mounting screws are embedded in the wall. With four you have to get up on a ladder and move them into place while someone else, at least two people, while you make sure the additional mounts are lined up correctly. Let’s just say it’s a lot easier with two than four, but I stand by my decision.

When extended, the awning appeared to billow in a breeze in a way that made me uncomfortable, like it might come out of the wall or snap if too much pressure were put on it. And by too much I mean not much more than the breeze. I didn’t plan on only opening it when we were on our patio outside then rolling it back up every night but I can’t see any other way of handling it.

BTW — I’m not incapable of this kind of thing. I’m a professional artist in the movie industry and know how blueprints for sets, props and all kinds of things are put together. I’ve assembled and built a lot of other complex things with my hands. But you would have to pay me thousands of dollars to install an Aleko retractable awning again.

I suggest you read all the reviews but also find another product to suit any needs.