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Jane Smith

Our DIY Suncover 5000 retractable awning was installed by our handyman, and we’ve been using it for a couple of months. The order process was ok. However, selecting a fabric colour could be easier. Like several of the other online testimonials comment, an installation DVD or link would be helpful. The white powder coated aluminum framework isn’t as shiny as I would like it, even though it does get wiped off once a week – we’re a bit OCD on cleaning and appearance. We went with the manual crank, so we didn’t have to install an outlet. It is quite a workout opening or closing our 13’ projection. My husband will have to make a hook bit for the cordless drill or go to the gym – lol. The fabric has already lost most of its original colour after only 6 months and rain leaks through it even though I was told it was water repellent. I guess it does the job (light rain protection excluded) and provides shade on a sunny day although I regret not ordering a motorized retractable awning.