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Hannah Turner

I needed an awning for my south facing patio door. The sun bakes the deck and reflects into my home office. I didn’t want to spend a lot and bought the Outsunny retractable patio awning because it was advertised as the one that does the job. Unfortunately, I found out after the purchase that the product is made in Taiwan. The fabric is polyester and is already rotting from being in the sun for only 1 ½ months. I went with the 10’x8’ manual model. It’s bigger than the patio door though. I read some reviews and comments, but catching a sale made the decision easier. Install was quite a challenge and I’m not really sure how long the crank gear of the awning will last. My recommendation is don’t be caught buying based on a sale without knowing where the product was designed and manufactured – buy European made or American made based on quality and not price.