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Eunice Jackson

I just opened a small ladies boutique and wanted to kind of class up the entrance so I decided on a retractable awning. I was worried that it might make the store look to “closed in” so figured I would get something that retracts so I could try different looks. Went with the Awntech I found online in a color that was close to my existing decor and brand. When it arrived, I realized it was more than I could do so got a handyman to install it for me. He had it up pretty quickly, and it looks nice. The only problem is that I am not that strong and it is very tough to move in and out and up and down, and so I find that I am not moving it that much. Found out after purchase that the gear ratio on Awntech awnings is very low thus causing the difficulty in extending and retracting. Cannot advocate that you buy Awntech.